Thursday, August 4, 2011

10 minutes to put up a Door

The picture and post for today was going to be pictures of Laryssa's new door. Laryssa (my darling daughter) is moving out and her new apartment needed a door. Irv was going to put up the door and just needed some muscle. Laryssa's boyfriend Ben offered to be the muscle. Then my best friend/sister in law, Diane called and invited us to family dinner. I was saying we couldn't make it but then she came up with the great idea that my brothers could help put up the door, making it a speedy process and then we can have a late family dinner.
Irv was thrilled and said that with all this help the door would be up in 10 minutes
I told him to take lots of pictures and then I would blog about the door and include pictures of our family dinner.
Lol. It is 11:00 pm now and there is no sign of them. My battery is dyeing and I think Diane is questioning her decision to volunteer my brothers. We are sitting here waiting to see how happy are husbands are with us.
The family is all together but just in two places.

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