Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who's Journal is Who's

Are you ready to play a little game?
For our trip to the cottage I packed heavy.  Well, light on the clothes but heavy
 on the Scrappin' and Stampin' Supplies.  Ria packed heavy too. 
Marissa packed light and was kidding with us that we had to keep
track of everything we used and we are only allowed to bring what
we used back to the cottage next year. 
Ria and I were up for the challenge.  This week we will use everything we brought.
 On our first trip to town for supplies we found these notebeooks for 15 cents each.
 We thought they would be perfect for keeping track of what we used.
 We shout out every time we use a tool or an ink pad or a piece of paper.
It's really funny.  My favourite moments are when Marissa asks to borrow something.
  "OF COURSE!", I shout.  "It's a good thing, I brought that!" 
Today Marissa was decorating the cover of her notebook and I thought
 that was a great idea.  We all decorated our notebooks and we thought
 it would be fun to play a game.  So my friends.......
can you guess who's is who's?  
There are 3 notebooks.  There are 3 of us.   So leave us a comment below
 and guess who's is who's?
Marissa, Ria and Denise.  The pictures are in no particular order
but we will call them Notebook 1, Notebook 2, and Notebook 3

Notebook 1
Notebook 2
Notebook 3

            Everyone who guesses correctly will have their names put in a draw.
            The draw will be for a notebook to decorate and a Stampin' Up! grab bag
             of items to decorate it with. 
             We are leaving on Sunday morning for home so we will draw
             a winner  Sunday morning. 
              Let the guessing begin. 


  1. Oh this is tough. They are all gorgeous!!!! Just like the ladies who created them :) Okay, let's see, here are my guesses:

    Notebook 1 - Ria
    Notebook 2 - Denise
    Notebook 3 - Marissa

    I'm sure you are all having a fabulous time!! Hope the weather stays nice for you and that you all come home refreshed and rejuvinated.

  2. Oooh, this is a tough one but I am going to go with....


    They are all beautiful! Glad you are having such a fabulous time!!

  3. Notebook one - Marissa
    Notebook two - Denise
    Notebook three - Ria

  4. Wow! Three beautiful notebooks from three very talented and beautiful women.
    Great blog honey!!

    Of course, honey is the most talented and beautiful. Sorry Ria and Marissa

    Lets see..... My guess is:
    Notebook 1. Marissa
    Notebook 2. Honey
    Notebook 3. Ria

    Cant wait for Sunday. Get to find out the answer and put my arms around my honey. Love ya sweetie.

  5. Sounds like you guys are having a blast!!!! Hope the weather is good for you too!!!

    My guess is:
    Notebook 1: Ria
    Notebook 2: Marissa
    Notebook 3: Denise

  6. Shelley ScheeringaAugust 12, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    I am going to say
    1. Ria
    2. Denise
    3. Marissa

    I just want to say I have loved reading your updates this week Denise!!

  7. Here's my guess:
    Notebook 1: Marissa
    Notebook 2: Ria
    Notebook 3: Denise
    Fingers crossed that I win!!!

    Great job on the journals, you crafty bunch. Looking forward to seeing you once you're back.
    PS. Aren't the journals just going to add more weight for the return home??? The back of the van will really be dragging!!!

  8. here my quess
    Notebook 1 is Marissa
    Notebook 2 is Denise
    Notebook 3 is Ria

    they all look great

  9. This is tough - they are all beautiful and each one could have been made by each of you. However I am going with

    1. Ria
    2. Denise
    3. Marissa

    Hope you ladies are having a blast - i am sure you are!!

  10. Well, I don't know the other 2 ladies, and I'm stuck between 2 books for Denise. But after 2 days deliberation, my final answer is going to be:

    1. Ria
    2. Denise
    3. Marissa

    Hope I'm right!!!

  11. looks like your having a great time at the cottage. The notebooks are all great. I am thinking

    1. Marissa
    2. Ria
    3. Denise