Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank You Tutorial for Sept 30-Oct 6th

This week's  "thank you" features the Nature Walk stamp set.
 Place an order this week and you will receive this Free tutorial.
 When you place a Stampin' Up! order with me you will receive a  thank you card with your order PLUS  you will receive a FREE tutorial with how to make the card and the pieces to make one more card so that you can attach it to a gift for someone special or just brighten someones day. 


Time Flies

I can't believe a whole week has passed by.  Time flies when you are having fun or when you are just trying to catch up.  My week away was fantastic but my work piled up at home.  Those of you who have visited me this past week know that my house took a hit and I couldn't find anything without stubbing my toe on boxes.   I had a Stampin' Up! event every weekend in September but it's all over now so it's clean up time.
Thank you to all who visited Natasha and I at our events.  We were at the Paris Fair, Burford FAS fundraiser, St George Applefest and our first church bazaar in Stoney Creek.   We plan to be at all those places again next year.  Here are a few pictures to reminisce.
Natasha and I in our booth at the Paris Fair. 
Still stamping and prepping the booth before the Fair.
Time for a ride with my daughter, Laryssa
Natasha's Dad and Irv.  Our moral support at the fair or should I say Muppets? Teenagers?
Church bazaar in Stoney Creek
Fundraiser for FASD.  I am not in this picture but you will see Natasha (black sweater), Natasha's husband Larry (blue shirt), Natasha's Mom and #1 team member (black sweater) and Natasha's lovely daughter, Jessica (holding craftDbear)
The Dazzling Diva's Marissa, Natasha and Ria at the St George Applefest.  Thank you so much ladies for rocking the booth and the town of St George.  My upline, Jamilla Ivits also helped in our booth on the fabulous weekend while I was whisked away to Stampin' Up! 2011 Founder's Circle.
Watching the sunset on the mountains and seeing a live presentation of Little Mermaid in St George, Utah.
Thank you Stampin' Up! 
I do have the best job and I love it.
So today's goal is to get my October event calendar ready to be emailed tomorrow.
I'm so excited about all the classes I have coming up.  Like Saturday's Stamp a Stack
RSVP to come and create 12 cards for $20
3 Designs and you make 4 of each.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thank you

Today I am very excited to introduce a new "thank you" that  Diane and I have been working on.
Diane is my sister in law/best friend and is helping me do some of the cutting and prepping for classes.
Back in July, Diane and my nieces Karen and Laura helped me prepare 160  3"x3" cards for a swap.
We were all excited to see all the cards I got in the swap.  My first idea was to get some ideas for cards that I could use as thank you's to put in your orders. I'm very happy to announce that we have taken that idea one step further.  So, when you place a Stampin' Up! order with me you will receive a  thank you card with your order PLUS  you will receive a FREE tutorial with how to make the card and the pieces to make one more card so that you can attach it to a gift for someone special or just brighten someones day. 
This is a sweet tri fold 3"x 3" card that uses the Charming stamp set.  Place an order this week and you will receive this Free tutorial. 

Back to Reality

Well, it was a little harder getting back to reality than I thought.  I couldn't find the omelette station this morning and nobody in a chef hat waiting to prepare my breakfast.  And the biggest shock of all was that my mess was right where I left it.  I listened and listened all morning but there was no knock on the door, followed by "housekeeping" 
So for the next couple of days I will work on cleaning my mess and getting caught back up on phone calls and classes.  One of the fun things that happened today was Tabitha dropping in to pick up her door prize.
Congratulations Tabitha Cherewka  from your Stampin' Up! demonstrators Natasha Byrne and Denise Donald. 

This was the booth at the Paris Fair.  Natasha Byrne on the left and Denise Donald on the right.

I have a few spaces still available for the Punch Art Class  on Wednesday night at 7pm.  Please RSVP to reserve you space.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Flying Home Today

So, closing the suitcase was not easy today.  Stampin' Up! spoils us and I'm o.k. with that. 
This is the adorable picnic basket that we got served our lunch in when we visited Kanab.  I totally love it but I just hope it makes it home safe.

This was the pillow gift we got to take to the theatre with us and they gave us popped popcorn as well.

I have many more pictures to show you but this is me waving goodbye for now as I leave on the bus for home.  Good bye Founder's Circle.   I hope I get to come back again another year.
Thank you to Shelli and all her amazing staff for spoiling us.  Thank you to my amazing customers/friends and family without who I wouldn't have had this special week.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Founder's Circle Last Day

Today is the last day for the Founder's Circle 2011 trip.  Yesterday we crammed so much into one day that I didn't have time to post anything on my blog.  At the end of the day I flopped into bed, happy and exhausted.
There are so many photos I want to share with you and so many stories to tell.

In this photo:  Kim  Assaly, Maggie  Patterson, Alanna Wharf, Nancy Gauthier, Marlayne Hardy, Christyne Richardson, Tamye  Dunbar, Caroline LeBel, Kay Smith, Kristin Fuller Kortonick, Denise Donald,
This picture was taken on the very first day of my trip.  This lovely group of ladies invited me to share in some pre-Founder's Circle activities in Las Vegas.  This is dinner at the Bellagio Buffet.
Las Vegas is a fantastic place to see shows and be entertained.
I didn't do any gambling on this trip but I had a great time.  The Bellagio is a beautiful hotel and my room was fantastic with a view of the strip.
On the first day in St George, Utah, I showed you pictures of our greeting from Stampin' Up! and some of the things they spoiled us with but I didn't show you pictures of my room.
When I walked into my room I cried.  Not because I was sad but because I was so taken aback by how much Stampin' Up! shows their appreciation for all our hard work.  Stampin' Up! put me in a suite.  Wow!!! unreal.

I can't wait to hang thip up at home.
The view from my beautiful balcony.  Thank you, Shelli!!!  You rock!!

O.K.  I'm going to nip down for a cup of coffee and then come back to share some more photos with you.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Founder's Circle Day 2

Today was a very different day.  Shelli called it the "at sea day" which means we had the day to go and do what we wanted.  There were buses that would take us to local shopping or we could hang out at the pool or do our make 'N' takes, sleep all day or whatever we wanted. 
I finished my swaps in preparation for our business share and swap that would happen at 8pm.
Often I am asked where I get my ideas from.  One of the ways is from swaps so to help you visualize.
I made 140 of the same item.  This was a design I stole from Natasha Byrne with permission.  Natasha
had gorgeous lollipops in hers.  The theme for this Founder's Circle was "tea party" so I put a stick of yummy candy, a tea bag and a really sweet card my husband made for me.  When you scan the barcode on the card it takes you, here, to my blog.  How cool is that?

Above is all of my swaps on the table and below is the swaps I got in exchange.
And as if that wasn't enough loot for one day.  This is the pillow gift today.

I will tell you more about what the bucket is about tomorrow.  I need to be up early so it's off to bed now.
Good night.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Founder's Circle Dinner and Pillow Gift

The spoiling continues.  At dinner the table were beautifully decorated and the first thing we were told was that we could keep our tea cup. By the way, those flowers are real. Yup,  I almost spilled the water picking it up to admire it.

We never did get all the crumpets together in one spot before dinner so Stampin' Up! seated us all together for dinner and gave us our prize.

Dinner was delicious.  Strangely I didn't take a picture of the delicious spinach salad or the main course.  Most of the ladies had filet mignon but Stampin' Up! took care of me since I can't eat beef and I had yummy chicken.  Of course, I did pick up the camera to take a picture of the scrumptious cheesecake. 
It was a banana cheesecake with homemade whip cream and caramel drizzle.  It was so good.

  After dinner I nipped upstairs to check my room for our first pillow gift.   We got one of my favourite
sizzix storage boxes full of Stampin' supplies.
Two items are still in the box.  I can't show them to you or I would be in violation of Stampin' Up! policy.
They are in the next mini that comes out.  I love them both.   I think they are both fabulous and I can't wait to make some things using them.  Woohoo!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Founder's Circle First Day

Yes, I have cried already.  I have absolutely the best job in the whole world. 
I can't thank all my friends and family enough for helping me achieve this incentive trip.  You should all
be here with me. 
The bus was a gorgeous white bus.  I sat in the front seat and I had this sweet spot for my coffee, phone and some popchips which are healthy.  Everyone keeps saying I will gain weight this week so I gotta try and be good where I can.

The view along the way wasn't very exciting.  Lots of rocks and mountains.  Thankfully the ladies on the bus had fascinating conversations.  I am like a little sponge trying to soak up information about how these successful ladies run their Stampin' Up! business.  They are all so lovely and I can tell that it's their charisma that attracts their customers.
A very warm greeting awaited for us at the holet.  I am at the Courtyard Marriott in St. George, Utah.
I live in St. George, Ontario and I have visited St. George, Bermuda and now St. George, Utah.
It's definately a goal to visit all the different St. George cities/towns across the world.

This is the gathering place.  I do believe I will spend a lot of time in here.  Those treats aren't just to look at, they are to eat and enjoy.  Wow!!!!!  Oh, and I don't need a credit card or any cash.  Woohoo!!!!!
I wish I could stuff a bunch in my suitcase and bring home. 
At the gathering place I got my nametag.  I am a crumpet.  I have to find 5 other crumpets and then we have to meet back here to get a prize.  I can't believe I'm typing this instead of looking.  I'm going to type faster now to get back down there to look for my fellow crumpets.  Karen Duke is a crumpet too!!!!  Wow!  I'm on a team with Karen Duke.  How many times have you called me lucky so far.  You probably haven't said it as many times as I have.  I am so lucky and blessed. 

Boston Cream cupcake?  Seriously!  Jenny Craig please look the other way.  I'm pretty sure my computer won't enter any calories into it.  Seems to be malfunctioning.
I think I'm off my diet. 

These drinks look healthy.  And  they are delicious.  Water and two different Iced teas.

Sweet lounging areas for getting to know  each other. 

Chocolates anyone?  Sorry, Jenny Craig, I can't find the veggie trays.

Plinko!  I love plinko.  Prizes included ribbon, embossing folders, paper, etc.....
I won Wisteria Wonder cardstock.  I love Purple. 
o.k. I have to go find crumpets now.  Stay tuned for tons more photos.  This is undescribable.  The excitement that I'm feeling is overwhelming.  I will do my best but to get an idea of how I'm feeling, you should read this very fast because that's how I'm typing.  I phoned Irv and he had to tell me to slow down.  I'm just so excited. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

The end of a great weekend.

Friday night was our September team meeting.  We got to taste the new cookies made with
the new Stampin' Up! cookie stamps.  Yes, we can stamp on cookies.  Thank you, Mom, for
making delicious cookies.
I got to bed around 1 am and got up at 3:45 am for set up in Burford.  The town has an annual
yard sale and Keith Ovington's Funeral Home generously donated their parking lot to raise money
for FASD. 
You will not see me in this photo as I am working in our Stampin' Up! booth but Natasha Byrne
is beside her wonderful husband, Larry and their daughter, Jessica is holding craftDbear.
The support today for FASD rocked the town of Burford.  Woohoo!  and thank you to all.
This will be a yearly event so please join us next year.

Pictures above:   Denise Donald, Carmen Locke (Door Prize Winner), Natasha Byrne

Don't forget that this weekend coming our Stampin' Up! booth will be at Applefest in St. George.
Sadly, I will not be in the booth but Natasha Byrne, Ria Jenkins, Marissa Colwell and Jamilla Ivits
will be thrilled to see you.  A little make 'n' take, a door prize, and the Wheel of Stampin' Fortune
are just some of the many delights in our booth. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crack of Stupid

4 a.m. That's what time I was supposed to leave home. I was out of bed but we only just finished loading the van. Yes, it's 5 a.m. and we are on our way to Burford. We haven't passed a single vehicle yet. So come and visit me in Burford this morning. We should have the Stampin' Up booth up and running by 7 a.m.
I hope to share with you a photo of my newest team member later. This newest member is with me this morning and is going to Utah with me this week.