Monday, September 12, 2011

The end of a great weekend.

Friday night was our September team meeting.  We got to taste the new cookies made with
the new Stampin' Up! cookie stamps.  Yes, we can stamp on cookies.  Thank you, Mom, for
making delicious cookies.
I got to bed around 1 am and got up at 3:45 am for set up in Burford.  The town has an annual
yard sale and Keith Ovington's Funeral Home generously donated their parking lot to raise money
for FASD. 
You will not see me in this photo as I am working in our Stampin' Up! booth but Natasha Byrne
is beside her wonderful husband, Larry and their daughter, Jessica is holding craftDbear.
The support today for FASD rocked the town of Burford.  Woohoo!  and thank you to all.
This will be a yearly event so please join us next year.

Pictures above:   Denise Donald, Carmen Locke (Door Prize Winner), Natasha Byrne

Don't forget that this weekend coming our Stampin' Up! booth will be at Applefest in St. George.
Sadly, I will not be in the booth but Natasha Byrne, Ria Jenkins, Marissa Colwell and Jamilla Ivits
will be thrilled to see you.  A little make 'n' take, a door prize, and the Wheel of Stampin' Fortune
are just some of the many delights in our booth. 

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