Friday, September 16, 2011

Founder's Circle Day 2

Today was a very different day.  Shelli called it the "at sea day" which means we had the day to go and do what we wanted.  There were buses that would take us to local shopping or we could hang out at the pool or do our make 'N' takes, sleep all day or whatever we wanted. 
I finished my swaps in preparation for our business share and swap that would happen at 8pm.
Often I am asked where I get my ideas from.  One of the ways is from swaps so to help you visualize.
I made 140 of the same item.  This was a design I stole from Natasha Byrne with permission.  Natasha
had gorgeous lollipops in hers.  The theme for this Founder's Circle was "tea party" so I put a stick of yummy candy, a tea bag and a really sweet card my husband made for me.  When you scan the barcode on the card it takes you, here, to my blog.  How cool is that?

Above is all of my swaps on the table and below is the swaps I got in exchange.
And as if that wasn't enough loot for one day.  This is the pillow gift today.

I will tell you more about what the bucket is about tomorrow.  I need to be up early so it's off to bed now.
Good night.


  1. Love your swap Denise and 3 cheers to Irv for his great idea and supporting you and your business!!!

    Can't wait to hear what's in the pillow bucket!

  2. Wow Denise this is fantastic. Love the updates!