Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Founder's Circle First Day

Yes, I have cried already.  I have absolutely the best job in the whole world. 
I can't thank all my friends and family enough for helping me achieve this incentive trip.  You should all
be here with me. 
The bus was a gorgeous white bus.  I sat in the front seat and I had this sweet spot for my coffee, phone and some popchips which are healthy.  Everyone keeps saying I will gain weight this week so I gotta try and be good where I can.

The view along the way wasn't very exciting.  Lots of rocks and mountains.  Thankfully the ladies on the bus had fascinating conversations.  I am like a little sponge trying to soak up information about how these successful ladies run their Stampin' Up! business.  They are all so lovely and I can tell that it's their charisma that attracts their customers.
A very warm greeting awaited for us at the holet.  I am at the Courtyard Marriott in St. George, Utah.
I live in St. George, Ontario and I have visited St. George, Bermuda and now St. George, Utah.
It's definately a goal to visit all the different St. George cities/towns across the world.

This is the gathering place.  I do believe I will spend a lot of time in here.  Those treats aren't just to look at, they are to eat and enjoy.  Wow!!!!!  Oh, and I don't need a credit card or any cash.  Woohoo!!!!!
I wish I could stuff a bunch in my suitcase and bring home. 
At the gathering place I got my nametag.  I am a crumpet.  I have to find 5 other crumpets and then we have to meet back here to get a prize.  I can't believe I'm typing this instead of looking.  I'm going to type faster now to get back down there to look for my fellow crumpets.  Karen Duke is a crumpet too!!!!  Wow!  I'm on a team with Karen Duke.  How many times have you called me lucky so far.  You probably haven't said it as many times as I have.  I am so lucky and blessed. 

Boston Cream cupcake?  Seriously!  Jenny Craig please look the other way.  I'm pretty sure my computer won't enter any calories into it.  Seems to be malfunctioning.
I think I'm off my diet. 

These drinks look healthy.  And  they are delicious.  Water and two different Iced teas.

Sweet lounging areas for getting to know  each other. 

Chocolates anyone?  Sorry, Jenny Craig, I can't find the veggie trays.

Plinko!  I love plinko.  Prizes included ribbon, embossing folders, paper, etc.....
I won Wisteria Wonder cardstock.  I love Purple. 
o.k. I have to go find crumpets now.  Stay tuned for tons more photos.  This is undescribable.  The excitement that I'm feeling is overwhelming.  I will do my best but to get an idea of how I'm feeling, you should read this very fast because that's how I'm typing.  I phoned Irv and he had to tell me to slow down.  I'm just so excited. 


  1. Purple cardstock! Purple is your favourite! Karen Duke! Wow!!! Have lots of fun Denise, you deserve it! Can't wait for more posts.... enjoy the 'newbie' evening event!

  2. I am so happy for you! Enjoy every single minute and don't forget to share all the details. Have a cupcake for me...okay two, three or four. They look delicious. You deserve one, and I'll let Jenny know!