Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gift of Organization

How lucky am I? I got this lovely gift of this greeting card organizer.
My sister in law/best friend made it for me with Very Vanilla card stock and featuring stamps from The Nicest Things Stamp set.
The idea is that I will keep a list of cards that I need to send out filed by the month. I have started making the cards to keep me organized.
I am looking forward to getting organized and sending cards in the mail.
Stop laughing. Have you picked yourself up off the floor? I admit that I may be dreaming and I definately don't recommend you hold your breath.
However, Diane must think I can do it so I'm going to try not to let her down.


  1. Boy cannot wait to get my cards. I know you can make them, but hard to find post office Love Mom

  2. I know you can do it...I know you can do it...but yes I will not hold my breath. HA HA

    Very lovely organizer.


  3. This is a fantastic gift Denise! I can really see myself CASEing this idea!

  4. good luck with the card thing. LOL Love the gift, a fantastic idea. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLENE!!!! (don`t know if she will see this) LOL

  5. Love it! That will be just the spark to help you keep your goal...what a great friend!

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