Friday, January 20, 2012

Leadership Day 2 & 3

I wish you all could have been here to see all the beautiful cards and projects I got to see today. We also got to hear some fabulous upcoming changes with Stampin' Up! They are all good and exciting.
I took so many pictures today that I actually drained the battery in my camera. O.K. I'm sure you want me to stop talking and start showing you pictures. I will but first I need to finish telling you about yesterday.
I left off at the make N takes. I always have good intentions of finishing my make 'n' takes at events but I do love to chat and catch up with friends.
Speaking of chatting with friends. A highlight of my day today was meeting Dawn Rapsas of She holds online Stampin' events that I love to participate in. Dawn was so lovely and we had a great time working (chatting) on our make 'n' takes.
The setting for this year's leadership is set around this gorgeous river. You can walk along it or take a boat tour. It's absolutely beautiful and I would love to share it with Irv. It is actually a very romantic setting. This photo was taken by Jamilla and the three of us were on our way for a lovely lunch on the river.
This is the first year that I qualified to attend the Manager's reception.
Jamilla and I attended this event together and enjoyed a lovely evening.
One of my favourite activities at Stampin' Up! events is swapping. These are some of the cards that Diane (my sister in law/best friend) made to swap. Be sure to attend one of my upcoming classes to see all the lovely swaps (cards) that I got in exchange for these cards.
This is a card that we saw in the General Session today. It is made with the postage stamp punch.
Natasha has been busy swapping and having a blast.
It's time for some sleep but I leave you with a card that we saw today.
I believe in this sentiment. I set lofty goals with my Stampin' Up business and because I dare to dream my dreams come true. If I didn't allow myself to dream then I probably wouldn't be a Rising Star.
Thank you all so much for helping my Dreams come true!!!!
Good night all and a special good night to my hubby and children who I didn't get a chance to talk to today. Love you and miss you!!!!


  1. Looks like a beautiful spot to be! So glad you and Jamilla were able to share the Manager's reception together! Thanks for giving us a peek into your day!

  2. Lunch on the river? And you didn't invite me? LOL Looking gorgeous for the manager's reception.