Sunday, January 22, 2012

Regionals and Heading Home

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I wish I could tell you all ever detail of every day. These days really are jam packed with fun and learning.
We started off the day with Shelli talking to us about Stampin' Up! and relationships. I understand completely because Stampin' Up! has become party of my family. I took over 900 picture of that family today and I want to share a few of them with you.
This is a picture that was actually taken last night of a dinner we had with some Stampin' Up! friends. At convention last year I got to meet one of the top demonstrators in Canada, Maggie Patterson and she has been so lovely and kind. She organized a dinner on the river walk and everyone was welcome. There were several tables of us. This is just a small portion of the group. Again just one big family!

I am very proud to sell Stampin' Up! and I feel that Shelli Gardener the co-founder of the company always makes everyone feel so important and she just feels like a friend. This is a picture of Natasha and I with Shelli today. It was taken in the make 'n' take room. Shelli is available and approachable at every event. You can talk with her, ask her questions and have your photo taken with her. I always love to see her outfits and maybe someday I will get to go clothes shopping with her. Now that would be fun!

My husband and I met Pam Morgan and her husband on the Alaskan cruise.
She is the vice-president of employee and demonstrator development.
That's a big title but really she is just a great friend to me and is always so welcoming. She always greets me with a warm hello and always asks how Irv is. She is part of my Stampin' Up! family and here is a picture of us in the make 'n' take room today.

I want to share with you a cute card that won a contest today. I didn't catch the ladies name who created it. So, if you know please leave me a comment. Sometimes I actually don't like a stamp set. Yes, it's true. At least I think it is and then someone does something with that stamp set and I love that stamp set.
I thought I hated the moustache stamp set until......
Isn't that the cutest card. On the inside it says, "Will you be my Valentine?" I love that stamp set now. Totally awesome card.
So when you go to these events you see so many great ideas. Again, I was so impressed with what I was seeing that I totally forgot to ask this lady her name. Look what she did with Stampin' Up! buttons and fabric.
Now I have to tell you a little secret. Are you listening? I have been doing more partying and crafting than sleeping. Usually at classes I have my ipad in my lap taking notes and my camera at the ready for pictures but today I was not quite focused and someone used my camera to capture the moment.
This is why it's good to have those Stampin' Up! family members that can take notes for you and catch you up on what you might have missed.
This is it. This is the final picture of the night. Jamilla, Natasha and I and good night drinks and some great discussion of the days events.
Good night all and I will blog from home in Canada tomorrow night. Fingers crossed we catch our flights.


  1. You all look so gloriously tired in that last photo! I know you all shared a fabulous experience in a wonderful location (the Riverwalk looked beautiful) and I know you are all brimming with excitement to share all you have learned!
    Thanks for giving us a peek into your experience with us this week! Safe travels home

  2. Looks like another amazing Stampin up event. I love what the lady whose name is not know, has done to her shirt. Very nice. Cheers to the three lovely ladies in the last photo.

  3. I made it home and can't wait for the next SU event! It was a fabulous week and great to share with Denise & Natasha and all the new friends we made along the way!

    As a demonstrator you feel the warmth and genuine appreciation in the SU family from everyone! It's wonderful to be a part of this terrific company!