Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is a slide from the big screen at Stampin' Up! Leadership Convention. 

Creativity makes us happy.  
 I definately agree with this statement.
I was very happy to spend many hours creating today.  Of course,
I would have been happier if I was pleased with anything that I
created today. 

Creativity makes us healthy. 
 I hope that's true.  If how long you spend trying to be
creative counts then I'm the healthiest person alive.

 The more we use our creativity,
 the more creative we will be. 
 Oh, Good!  There's hope that tomorrow my
projects might turn out. 


  1. Great way to start my day Denise! Great thoughts on creativity that I didn't remember from our trip but the humour made me smile then burst out laughing!

    Thank-you for sharing your thoughts!!! Awesome !

  2. Thanks for the laugh today ... yeah, I'm not happy with EVERY card/scrap page I make either ... but at least now I can tell my hubby that crafting makes me healthy :)