Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Day

Today, (really yesterday as it's 2:45 a.m.) I got to spend a lovely day
at home designing.
I worked on several different projects and have many partially done.
Sometimes things just don't go together and the mojo isn't flowing so
I didn't complete very much.
The card above is the best of the batch for today.
I tried the Polished Stone technique.
The colours are Riding Hood Red, Pretty in Pink and Basic Black. 
I think it looks better in person than in the photo. That's not Irv's fault. 
It was me behind the camera.  Irv is catching some sleep because he is  
driving Laryssa and Ben to the airport in a few hours.  I always worry
about Laryssa but for the next week I will worry even more.  They are
off to Mexico for a holiday and hearing the horror stories over the last
few weeks hasn't helped my nerves.  Oh, and no the card above has
nothing to do with Laryssa.  No signs of any wedding bells yet. 
On a positive note, everyone is healthy and happy.  That's the main thing. 


  1. Boy Love that card. We will all worry about Laryssa and Ben in Mexico, but they will be fine
    and there is lots to see,they will just love it. Love Mom

  2. beautiful are so creative, have a great day