Monday, February 27, 2012

Did you watch the Oscar's on TV?
In our house it is a big event.  Irv hands out ballots and everyone chooses their favourites to win.
J.J. is writing down my answers for me.
I don't watch all the movies so I use a deck of cards to pick my winners.
The best part of our Oscar party is the snack bar that Irv prepares.  There's enough
here for a whole week of enjoyment.
Irv also gives a prize for the most correct answers.  We all watch the show and Irv
keep score.
The winner this year with 7 correct was Irv.
Laryssa and I both used the card method to make our selections and we got 5 right.
You might also be wondering why I didn't blog this after the Oscar's.
 That would be because I fell asleep during the show.  Oops!
An interesting fact:    I NEVER fall asleep while I'm crafting.


  1. That's hilarious Denise!!
    Sounds like an awesome night!!!
    Congrats Irv!!

    Sounds like you really know your stuff!!

  2. Mom beat you, I watch the Oscurs from 10 o'clock on
    and did not fall asleep. Now l know what happen to your missing blob yesterday. I put your blog first thing every morning. Love you Mom