Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Dieting We Will Go

This past Monday I decided it was time.  O.k. so I have decided
many times before but High Ho the Derry Oh, here we go dieting
again.  I have been searching for the motivation to shed some pounds.
So my usual side of French Fries will have to be replaced with salad. 
First I decided that I would search the internet and look for a
bathing suit that I would buy myself once I lost the weight.  After an
hour of wasting time and finding nothing that I liked, that idea was
out the window. 
So my husband and Stampin' Up! are the answer I was looking for. 
I am looking forward to the Stampin' Up! incentive trip in  April to
Walt Disney World.  They have two water parks and I would love
to visit them and feel comfortable walking around in a bathing suit. 
That's good motivation but Irv has added the best motivation.
So here's the deal.  For every pound I lose he will put some money
away for me in a piggy bank.  I can only make a withdrawal
everytime I lose 10 pounds. 
Of course, if I gain a pound then I have to give Irv money.  Ackkkkk!!!!
So I am going to start a new little album to track my progress.
Weigh in days will be Monday so I will  share my album page
next Monday. 


  1. That is awesome Denise. You go girl!!!

  2. a lofty goal! Best of luck and willpower to you!

  3. Good luck with the diet,when you make up your mind you can do it and tell Irv he could end up going broke in no time. Love you both Mom.

  4. WOOTO!!! Neece you will so rock this! Good luck and know that I am cheering you on every step of the way!

  5. You can do it girl!!! Way to go!!!