Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Card Class

This week's card class features some great cards that I have
received at Stampin' Up! events. 

The red hearts card on the left which is great for any occasion (not
specifically Valentines) was created by my dear friend Catherine
Sanders.  At leadership, Catherine was presented an award for
this fabulous card. 

The card at the back of the photo uses a mixture of fabric and
cardstock.  This card was one of the make 'n takes at last year's
convention.  Imagine all the ways you can use up your scrap
fabric once you see how easy it is to add to your cards. 

The card at the front right was at Leadership on a display shelf.
I didn't actually receive this card but I took a photo of it and
put it on my blog while at Leadership.  One of  my dear blog
followers saw it and requested it be part of one of my upcoming
classes.  So here it is. 

Happy Superbowl Sunday! 


  1. They are great cards but not sending any Valentines
    this year but sure would be a great class.From sunny south.

  2. great looking cards...have a great day


  3. Love the Butterfly you made from the Flower punch! I'm always so excited to use my stamps in a different way than they were intended! TFS!