Thursday, March 8, 2012

Punch art Pop up

Isn't this the  cutest bunny ever????
You may be wondering how long it takes me to design a card?  Well, Diane
and I worked for about 3 hours just creating the bunny.
Oh don't worry, we enjoyed every minute of it.
We created two different bunnies and then showed them to family members.
They gave their opinions which were very entertaining.
At one point the bunny had a very big nose and was called "Porky Bunny"
We all loved this final bunny.
You can make this bunny this month at my Punch Art Class.  This is a pop up card.
You may be thinking that you don't give Easter cards.  It's o.k.  You could keep
this card for yourself OR start a new tradtion and give Easter cards.  Just imagine
how happy someone would be to receive this card.
PUNCH ART   Friday, March 23, 2012    10 am - Noon  OR   7pm - 9pm