Saturday, March 31, 2012

Team Meeting/Party

A little bit of snow and ice on the ground didn't keep these fabulous, incrdible ladies at home.
We had a great night sharing all our creations, making new ones and catching up on all the Stampin' Up! news and what's new with each other. 
It's hard to get a night that's good for everyone so sadly we are missing quite a few but hopefully they can make it out next time.
Diane Blumenstock is not in this picture and that is because she helped me prepare all day for
tonight's meeting and slave driver that I am, I didn't give her enough time to go home and feed her family and get back on time.  Sorry, Diane.  We all thank you for all your hard work and we missed you.
We have some new team members this month.
Teena (left) welcomed Dale-ann (right) to her team.
Kim (middle) welcomed Deb (left) and Tammie (right)  to her team.

I was beyond thrilled that every single person brought show 'n' share tonight.  Wow!!!!
On top of that the quality and talent of these show 'n' shares were incredible!
Just take a look at these pictures but really it is so much better seeing and touching them.

Look at all the cards Deb made with her starter kit!
Baskets, Bunnies cards and more.  Fabric, techniques, cute, adorable and all WOWS!
Flowers, Layouts, mini album, yummies, card sets and so much more.
Attending meetings is a great way to gather ideas and inspiration.
Thank you all for sharing your creations.

Of course there are always prizes at meetings.  My easter basket was filled with goodies.
There were lots more pictures but they were too blurry.  We all have way too much fun to sit still for photos.

We made bonnets and learned how to make paper roses.  

Honest, we don't drink at these meetings.  Sometimes after meetings people will make suggestions.
I'm not saying who, but someone mentioned that perhaps these four should be separated at the next meeting.  
We had a blast and I can't wait until April 27th for the next meeting/party!


  1. Congrats Denise on a terrific turnout for your meeting and there's something in every picture .... lots of smiles! Sharing fun, ideas, tips & techniques is what SU is all about! You're an inspirational team leader and enriched the lives of all those ladies and many go girl!

  2. Had a blast last night and it wasn't alcohol running through our was Stampin'Up! Ink of all things. Thanks for a great night and all the little goodies your prepared...TTFN Margie

  3. Love the photos. And Margie is right, we weren't drunk, its the ink man, its the ink. LOL Thanks so much for these amazing team get togethers. It is truly a major highlight of my month.