Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crops, Socials and Weddings

Today was a very busy and exciting day.  Lots of planning went into today.
My morning started with making preparations for Friday nights team social.
Diane came over and we worked on a little gift that each person will have
at their spot when they arrive.  You will have to check back here on Saturday
for photos.  It's really cute and goes with our theme of Christmas.
Then I had to scoot out the door and go to work with Irv for the afternoon.
I usually only go into the office on Tuesday and Thursdays but I was needed
today.  I really enjoy my time with Irv so it's a pleasure.
After work, Irv and I hit every craft store, party store and any store we thought
might carry some cupcake wrappers that my daughters friend needs for her
wedding.  We carried our photo into every store but none had what we were
looking for.   With only 15 minutes before the stores were closing my mind
was thinking as hard as I could and then I thought of my cricut machine.
So after wasting all that time in stores the answer was sitting at home.
Cricut and Stampin' Up! card stock to the rescue.
It is not exactly what the bride was looking for but here are a few choices
I had for her by the end of the night (or wee hours of the morning).
Yes, it's 2 am and my daughter, the bride and groom and I are all awake.
Guess which one they chose?

Early Espresso card stock wrapped in Whisper White card stock.
Vanilla cupcake with a Buttercream icing and silver balls.
I think this one would look cool in blue as it kind of looks like waves in the ocean.
This was Irv's favourite.  Truthfully he just wanted me to stop taking pictures so he could eat the cupcake.

Without the Early Espresso behind.  Just whisper White.

Which one do you think the bride and groom chose?


  1. Ummmmm, I think the last one...but I'm pretty sure I have an unfair advantage! Hope you got all of your baking and cupcake wrappers done after we left today. Can't wait for Team Social tomorrow night. woot woot.

  2. They all look very nice, I would make a few of each.
    Love Mom.

  3. I don't know about the groom but I like the last one!! And by the way - a gift when I can't come - sure! This was supposed to be a boring social - like that would ever happen. Sorry I have to miss tonight!