Friday, July 20, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

I made it to Founder's Circle.  I am so incredibly blessed and fortunate.
Founder's Circle is a special reward that Stampin' Up! awards it's top
I was shocked and thrilled to learn that I earned this award.  Of course
I didn't earn it alone.  My entire family gives so much of their time and
energy and love to help my business grow.  Irv, my sweet, generous
husband helps me in behind the scenes, printing and photocopying,
designing newsletters, taking photos and pretty much doing whatever
needs to get done.  He has eaten a lot of take out and so have my
strong boys who help carry boxes up the stairs and then down the stairs.
In the house and out of the house.  Thank you David and J.J.
Laryssa helps spread the word that "My Mom can show you how to make
that card" or " My Mom will make that for you".  Love you sweetie.

Behind the scenes working side by side with me almost every day of the week
is my best friend and sister in law, Diane Blumenstock.  Many of you know
her well.  She is so talented and creative.  She doesn't think so but we all
know the truth.   My brother Terry has given up a good portion of his house
as Diane carries Stampin' Up! boxes in and out of her house.  My nieces
Karen and Laura are always lending a helping hand.
This convention for example Karen, Laura, Diane, My Mom, Grandma Kareen,
and probably anyone else who "stopped in for a visit" were put to work
making over 400 flowers for swap cards.
My niece Karen and even my nephew Kevin have helped design cards and 3D
items that are absolutely fabulous.
So my family all works hard to create fabulous projects and crafts that bring joy
to others.  It is the best job ever.

I wouldn't have made it to Founder's Circle without the hard work and dedication
of my fantastic team of demonstrators/friends.
Many of you know that Natasha Byrne and I work together on many events.
I am very honoured and so grateful that we are co workers but more than that we
have a great, fun friendship.  
Natasha works 7 days a week, nearly 24 hours a day building her Stampin' Up!
business.  In only her 1st full year of being a demonstrator she earned an incentive
trip to Hilton Head.  This is a huge achievement and there is no one that deserves
it more.  Yeah, Baby!!!!!!!!  You are awesome.
I also can't forget about Jamilla Ivits.  My upline and friend.  Another lady
who works hard at her Stampin' Up! business and is always available to
lend a hand and advise me.  Jamilla also earned the Hilton Head vacation.
Well awards night was pretty phenomenal and it's going to be pretty hard
to come down off of the ceiling.
Thanks to all my friends and family for supporting my business.  I couldn't
have earned the Fiji trip without you.
It has always been one of Irv's life goals to see Fiji.  In May 2013 we will
be going on the Stampin' Up! incentive trip to Fiji.
After the awards there was a little party.  Natasha, Margie and I enjoyed
having photos taken on the red carpet and dancing and music and some
yummy treats.


  1. Congrats! I am so very proud of you and delighted to have shared in your joy again this year. Another well deserved...yeah, baby! Can't wait for another awesome fall :)

  2. Boy I am sure proud of you.You sure have work
    hard. Lots of Love Mom

  3. So awesome Denise! Congratulations! I love the last photo ... way too cute.

  4. Congrats girl! You deserve it! Looking forward to seeing all the inspirtion and photos when you come home!Diane

  5. Well done, Denise, Natasha and Jamilla! I'm so lucky to be in such 'famous' company!!!! (You're all famous in my eyes!) Talented ladies and well deserved recognition!

  6. Congratulations Denise!!!! You deserve it!!! You have worked so hard at this business and its been amazing watching you grow and flourish. {{{{hugs}}}} And congrat Natasha and Jamilla, two other ladies who work hard and are amazing friends and of course Stampin Up!! Demonstrators. Everyone looks GORGEOUS!!!!

  7. Congratulations Denise!! You deserve every possible award you can receive!!!

  8. To my darling wife. You most certainly deserved this award!! You're hard working, creative, a leader but most importantly you are a fabulous wife and mother. How you manage to do all this in every short 24 hour day is beyond me. Thank you for all you do for me. Thank you for all you do for your family. Thank you for all you do for your team!! I love you very much!!!! Come on Fiji!!!

  9. Way to go Denise, you so deserve this award. I am so proud to have been here to witness this marvelous presentation. You rocked girl! Nice makeup too LOL! Being here at Convention with you and Natasha has been a blast and has given me so many memories that I will treasure for a lifetime.
    Thanks for all you do...

  10. Way to Go Denise!
    Noone deserves it more! You amaze me with your hard work, positivity and dedication!!

  11. Wow!!! You were all so sweet and special to me. I couldn't read all these comments with out tears. I'm so so so lucky and blessed to have such fabulous friends and family who support me and help me every day.
    Love You all!!!!

  12. Way to go sure do deserve this go girl....nancy