Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello, from Utah!

A great big hello from Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am visiting Utah where the annual Stampin' Up! convention is held.  The last few days were a whirlwind of finishing up classes, delivering orders,
doing laundry, making swaps, shopping for "business casual clothes" and taking care of my
poor hubby who had some heavy duty dental surgery.  Now I am looking forward to the
upcoming events and all the new ideas so many fabulous ladies will share.

We aimed to leave at 8 a.m.  I am working on being more organized and not always late.
I am very proud to say that I was ready at 8 a.m.  I was surprised myself that I was
ready but I really was.
This is a picture of the clock in the car to prove that we were on the road just shortly after

I am traveling with my good friend and Stampin' Up! Counselor Natasha Byrne,
This is Natasha coming back to the car after a little shopping at the duty free
just before we crossed the border.

This is the back seat with my purse dumped out because I lose my keys OR
my cell phone OR my passport about every 10 minutes.  I proceed to panic,
then dump and tear through everything only to usually find them in my pocket.

As you can see by the above picture that the vehicle is fully loaded.
I was pretty sure that we were going to get pulled over at the border.  The
border agent kept asking us a million questions but he kept coming back to
the same question.  "How are you going to get all that on the plane?"
I don't pack light.   I never have.  I couldn't leave all my scrapbook things behind.
He finally let us across the border and we proceeded to Bob Evans for some lunch.
A working lunch of course.  What you can't see in this picture is the two chairs
with boxes of card making supplies pulled up to the booth.  We are still working
on our swaps and every minute counts.
Bob Evans has a fabulous deal that for $6.00 you get unlimited soup, salad and
various breads.  The manager came over and mentioned that they close at 10pm.
We laughed and said, "our plane leaves at 6 so we will be gone by then."
I guess it looked like we were moving in.

Arrived at the airport and we managed to fit everything in 3 suitcases which each
weighed 51 lbs.  2 carry on bags and 2 purses.  Whew!!!!
Now where is a wheelie cart when you need one?

On the plane.  Still making swaps and still awake.  I have only had one hour
of sleep in the last 48 hours.  For those of you wondering about my snips.
Yes, amazingly enough I am allowed to take my scissors and my paper piercer
on board.  Just not the nail clippers.  What??????  I don't get it either but I'm
very happy that I can keep crafting on the plane.  Oh, and yes, the glue is ok too.
We made it to the hotel.  It's after midnight.  Natasha is either exhausted or she
is looking for the room key.  We let the hotel clerk know that it would be more
than likely that we would lose the room keys.  The hotel is not exactly the
prettiest or largest but it will be our home away from home for a week.  I was
commenting on the hideous decor to the bellman and he informed me that it
had just been "recently renovated"    They should have hired some Stampin' Up!
demonstrators to decorate.  It is also strange that the queen size beds seem to be
the size of doubles.
We worked on some more swaps and then fell asleep.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

We arose early and we were very hungry.  We have a fridge in our room so we
wanted to go and get some groceries and some breakfast.
We took the Salt Lake City transit system called trax to the ihop.

International House of Pancakes.  I have never eaten there before.  It is
very yummy.  Then we needed to go to Best Buy as Natasha needed to get a
part for her laptop.  I can't believe I am in a Best Buy without Irv.  I usually
sit in the car while Irv goes into Best buy but Natasha and I didn't have a car
so I did a little appliance dreaming while we were in there.  This is the new
fridge I want.
Then we went to Costco for a little food shopping.  Funny, because little
and Costco don't go together.
Do you think this little guy will fit on the plane?

 I didn't think so.
So, we just got a few snacks.......
Now it's back to the hotel to work on swaps for the rest of the day.
No photos as we are in our pyjamas while we work.
We are awaiting Margie's arrival.  She is sharing our room and is
flying in today.
Check back here tomorrow for more trip details.  You can get details
on Natasha's blog too.


  1. looks like you are having a great time

  2. Enjoy!!! Are you sure the vehicle clock is correct? They can be tampered with you know. LOL

  3. Looks like lots of fun. I can believe you are still working on your swaps. You crack me up. Have a good time - keep sharing and bring back lots of ideas for us.

  4. Oops that should have read the I can't believe that you are still working on swaps. Actually I can because it seems that we all work best under pressure!

  5. Looks like a fabulous time already!! Enjoy!!