Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer time Fun

The fun continues today.  I am still unpacking from convention.  Well, actually I unpacked just enough to empty one suitcase to fill it back up and leave again.
Just before leaving I put up one of the Stampin' Up! flags I got from Memento Mall.
These are the three that I have to choose from.  So when you pull up in front of the
house you will see one of these fantastic signs.

I wasn't feeling good about leaving my family again so soon after Utah.  I was slow
to get out the door.  I even considered not going for a moment but this is a weekend
where I work on my own scrapbooking for the weekend.  I didn't feel excited about
this weekend until I arrived. I am at the famous Memories Manor in St. Clair, Michigan.
 The manor is a beautiful old home right on the river.
I love the water and the view is gorgeous.  I get to sit and scrapbook/make cards
in a gorgeous comfy chair, with my own 6 ft table, be fed fabulous meals while laughing
and joking with my friends.  Within minutes of arriving I was happy that I had come.
I am surrounded by creativity and friends.

Sitting across from me is the lovely Kate.
Sitting to my left is the lovely Lori.
Grace is sitting to my right.  She wants to know why it takes me so long to write my blog.
Grace says, "How long does it take to write, I'm at Memories Manor with Amazing Grace"

Tammy Davies is kitty corner to me.  She isn't feeling all that great so she didn't want her
photo taken.  She looks great but she doesn't think so.

This is my 3rd visit to the Manor.  I have been lucky enough to visit once a year in the summer.
One of the cool things is the card and planning that they put into the meals.  There is
usually a theme and the dining room where we go to eat is beautiful.
These are pictures of our bedtime snack.
Watermelon, Cucumber, feta, mint and balsamic vinegar.

3 Cheers for Canada at the Olympics.  Go Canada Go!


  1. I am so glad you went to the Manor and are having a good time!!! It is always an amazing trip!!

  2. But I miss you!!! Glad you're having a good time. Enjoy!

  3. Looking good everybody. Enjoy the always wonderful Manor. Every Scrapbooker's happy place!!! lol