Friday, September 14, 2012

Founder's Circle 2012

Finally a chance to catch up on my blog.  I am having a super time.  As you know a few weeks ago
I moved my studio to my basement and I love my new Stampin' Up! Studio.  I love it so much that I
hated to leave it.  However, I earned the Founder's Circle trip which is a huge honour.
This was my picture at convention with my new purse that each Founder's Circle recipient receives.

Even better, I left a few days early and Irv came with me so we could spend a few days in Las Vegas.
Now, I know I said that it was hard to leave my new studio behind but I still insisted on being at the
airport 3 hours before our flight.  To be fair that is what it said on our itinerary.  Irv said that we
didn't need to be there that early but I insisted we needed to follow the instructions.
Well, apparently we were there before the staff.  They were kind enough to turn the lights on for us.
And of course in the hotel at Las Vegas I was making swaps.  I swore I wouldn't do this again but....
There are so many shows playing in Vegas and we were lucky enough to see O the Cirque show.
It is amazing.  We also went to see Penn and Teller.  They do a magic trick.  We saw them 10 years ago and loved it.  They leave you saying, "How did they do that?"  They are also really kind people and they come out after the show for photos, chatting and autographs.  This is Irv in front of the
gift shop.
And I'm sure you are wondering if we gambled.  Yes, in fact we did.  Luckily we were winners.
This is one of my lucky payouts.  I like the Wheel of Fortune game.
One of the other things to do in Vegas is to walk the strip and see all the beautiful hotels, casino's and shops.  This is one of my favourite pictures that Irv took.
Now it is Wednesday, September 12, 2012 and it is time for Irv to fly home and me to go to Founder's Circle.  I have to admit that I wanted to stay with Irv and I wanted to go home with him.  I was
very nervous about the trip.
My nerves were quickly forgotten as I found the Stampin' Up! staff at the airport welcoming us.
They even had bottle of water for us which at the airport is $4.00  
We boarded the bus and left for the one hour ride to the Courtyard by Marriott in St George, Utah.
The hour flew by as I chatted to all the awesome Stampin' Up! demonstrators.
When we arrived I went straight to the Hospitality Suite.
This is the room where we gather to chat, and win a prize, and do our make 'n' takes.  Everyone
is greeted warmly and made to feel at home.  Bonnie Thurber gave me my name tag.
The theme is "Beach"   The room is full of food like this cooler that we can help ourselves to.
Inside this cooler is Fruit and Dip, Veggies and Dip and bottles of cold water.
There are cupboards around the room with candy and decorations that are just gorgeous.
These are the bags that you can fill with candy.
I may have filled two bags.  lol
We had a lovely lunch and then I went up to  check out my room.  I even had a lovely note
from my cleaning lady.
I just realized I forgot to take a picture of my name on the door.  I will have to do that tomorrow.
Of course I love it.
I dumped out the candy on the bed to check out my loot.
The room key is cool too.  It says "wandering is encouraged"
We have the whole hotel to ourselves so we can actually walk around in our p.j.s
all day if we want.
I was only in my room for seconds and then it was time to go to the pool reception.
Our name tags all have what group we are in and what bus we will be traveling in this week.
At the reception they served delicious lemonade in glasses we got to keep.
We were challenged to find the fellow ladies in our group.
Then we had to find out their answer to a question.  We each had a different question.
This was mine.
Some of the other questions were...
What is the #1 item on your bucket list.
What activity would you do if you knew you wouldn't fail?
Reveal a secret that noone else knows.  (impossible for me as I tell Irv everything)
If you could relive a year in your life which one would you relive?
What is your idea of  a perfect romantic date?

Introducing the York Beach Group
From left to right.  Kim Cook, Carol Payne, Kelly Acheson, Myself, Amy Storrie, Lee Conrey, Candy Michael
I am the only Canadian in this group.
Then we went off to dinner.
Again the decorations are beautiful.  Look at how they wrapped our napkin.
We each got a personalized stamp.
When I got back to the room I was excited to see this pillow gift.
Here is what is inside.
Sweet!!!!  I am so lucky.
All that was Wednesday.  I will have to catch you up on Thursday tomorrow as I need to get
a few hours of sleep.  It's 2am and I have to be up at 515am for another exciting day.

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  1. so glad you are having a amazing time with amazing people.