Saturday, September 15, 2012

Still Thursday of Founder's Circle

I left off at the business share.  Here is a little photo of us gathering around to listen to some tips.
On the way into the pyjama party we were all given a very cool swap bag for after the business share.
Inside the bag was a really cool swatch book with business tips.
After all the business sharing it was time for my favourite activity.  Swaps.
This is my swap card.  I made 121 with the help of my best friend/sister in law Diane,
My brilliant, handsome husband Irv, my dear friend Catherine Sanders and about half the ladies at my table at the Olive Garden.
The challenge for the swap was a "2 Layer card"  This was definately a stressful challenge for me.
I love layers on a card.  I did the two layer but this is certainly not easy.
After swaps we sat around sharing the cards we got with each other.
Then we headed to our room to change for the hot tub.
I open my door and there is tonight's pillow gift.  Those of you who know me closely will know that
this pillow gift is definately perfect for me.
A gorgeous blanket.  I love blankets.  I even take a blanket when I go to the movie theatre.
I am going to keep this one in my car.  The blanket I got on the Alaska trip is on my couch
and I cuddle with it every day.
We go off to the hot tub and as I go to bed on Thursday night I am wondering where we
are going on Friday.
We know we are going to Kanab for a tour of the facilities but we are being taken somewhere afterwards.  We are told that we need the following items.
Dress comfortably and in layers.  Short, capris or khakis are highly recommended, along with a light shirt and jacket or sweater to throw on if the wind picks up.
Flip Flops, sandals or water shoes
Sunscreen, lip balm, hat, camera.
I already owned flip flops but I forgot my closed toed shoes for the factory tour so here are the
items that I had to buy for Friday's trip.
I am set for the Kanab tour and the mystery tour.

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