Saturday, September 15, 2012

Thursday of Founder's Circle

Thursday morning we had a breakfast buffet in the lobby.  There was lots to eat including "made to order" omelettes.  Yummy.  Not only is the food good but the atmosphere is fantastic.  There are lots of tables and everyone just grabs seats together and the focus is more on socializing and chatting with each other.
After breakfast it was back to the hospitality suite to play plinko for a prize, eat more food, and work on make 'n' takes.
Check out the ice cream freezer full of novelty treats for us to just help ourselves to.

The night before they had served this fabulous seafood in a really cool dish.  They washed out the dishes so we coulde is candy all around the room again so I may have saved a candy or two for later in my special bowl.
There was no need for lunch that's for sure.  I spent the day in the hospitality suite working on my swaps.  My dear friend Catherine Sanders helped me as she downloaded My Digital Studio 2 and got tips from others on the program.  Everyone is willing to help each other here and share their
knowledge and business tips.  It is one of the best things about the trip.
There are some stores within walking distance so we went to do a bit of shopping for some necessities we needed and then we went to the Olive Garden for dinner.
After dinner it was time for the Pyjama Party and Business Share and Swap.
I love meetings where the dress code is "Pyjamas"  
As we came down the hall toward the Hospitality Suite there was a scent of cinnamon in the air.
Oh, how I wish I could take a picture of the scent.  Imagine the smell of "Cinnabon"
It smelled so good.
We enter the room and to our left they are making  Hot Candied Cinnamon almonds.

Look how cute the containers are.
 But of course there is more food to the right of that.
I really will need to lose 100 lbs after this week.
Here is a picture of my favouite square.  You are probably thinking, "how could you
be hungry?"   I wasn't but I just thought I would have a little nibble.  Just a taste.
It is so good that a little taste turned into two squares.
Again I wish you could smell this photo and taste it.  They are to die for.  It's like a
rice krispie but way better with lots of peanut butter goodness.  I can taste them
just writing about this.
So the room is full of ladies eating sweets and meandering around and chatting.
Then we settle in for the business portion and a few demonstrators speak
on some topics like making you tube videos, making webinars, etc....

To be continued.......   It's time for a few minutes of sleep again......

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