Saturday, September 21, 2013

So much fun, so little time.

This was two days ago now.  I will try and catch up on the last couple of days.

I just couldn't tear myself away from all the fun activities to get on the computer.

This picture looks a little blurry to me now.  Maybe that's because I am writing

this at 2 a.m. or it could just be blurry.

On the first day of my trip I broke my glasses.  I am using cheap glasses but they

are not my proper prescription.  So things haven't been quite as clear as they

should be.

More candy all over the hospitality suite.
This is Catherine Sanders and I filling our jars of trail mix.
Remember the sack I showed you a couple of days ago that was the pillow gift.

I couldn't show you the product that was in there because it is brand new

product that hasn't been released yet.  However, I can show you the samples

of things we make with the product.  This is a picture of the Make N Takes

that we get to make with the cool product.

Imagine inviting your fun, fabulous friends over for a night of stamping and creating.

It is never too early to contact me and book a date for a fun night out.

These cards were created and designed by Catherine Sanders.  Aren't they cool?

This is a water colour technique and the stamp set is one of our photopolymer sets.

In the hospitality suite we complete our make n takes, we chat, chew candy,

fling horse shoes for prizes, share our creations like the ones above and below.

In the evening we had our swap.  Everyone's swap this year was incredible.  

I have lots of great ideas for upcoming classes and make n takes.  

Pictured Below is my swap.  Shirley Bish made all of these for me

and spent hours searching stores for clips and googlie eyes.   

Isn't it great that the card stock and ink and everything else can just be ordered

through me 24/7, easy peasy, beary easy! 

At the pyjama party we got to hear a video message from Shelli.  She looks

fantastic and has an amazing spirit.  If you haven't heard what happened to

poor Shelli then you can check it out on her blog at

We got to enjoy home made ice cream sandwiches pictured below.  

I'm pretty sure these were calorie and fat free.  lol

And a quick trip to my room to see the pillow gift before running to the store 

and then sitting up to the wee hours of the morning chatting again.  

In the tube is a scarf which I will show some day when I figure out 

how to open the container.  

Really I don't want to open the container because it is just so pretty.  

I will try to catch up some more again tomorrow.  Good night.

Happy Applefest to all my St George, Brant, Ontario, Canada friends.

Denise Donald
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