Thursday, January 16, 2014

Oscar Invitation

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm so excited today.  The Oscar nominations were announced this morning.  The Oscar's in this house is a family event.  Since the children were very small Irv has handed out score cards and offered a prize to the one who gets the most right.  Even if the children couldn't read they check marked a box they liked or rolled dice to pick which one they wanted or just pointed.
Then Irv lays out a snack bar of popcorn and candy and it's so much fun to see who gets the most right.

Remember it's countdown to sale a bration day on my blog today too!  What a great day.
Up until this morning I had no idea what I was going to post today.  And then as I texted my family to remind them of Oscar night I thought why not send them invitations.  Better yet how about FREE
invitations to Oscar night.

Yes.  12 big sleeps until Sale A Bration begins January 28, 2014.

One of the items you can get for FREE with a $60 purchase (before shipping & taxes) is the
Item 133512
Valued at $16.95 but you can get it for FREE

How perfect with the gold lined envelopes and the gold stretchy cord which I love.  The gold banner with the star.  I can't believe how perfect it is for the Oscars.
You get everything to create 8 beautiful cards.
I just turned one of the banners into a You're invited banner and Voila!
In minutes my invitations were ready to go and FREE.
This year I won't hear.  "No one told me the date, Mom"

Bear Hugs,
Denise Donald

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  1. Love it Denise. And I love the Good As Gold Kit too. It's gorgeou snad it is FREE. What could be better?!? Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Hugs to Irv and tell him if I was closer...I'd be there! Popcorn is the food of the gods as far as I am concerned! :) Have a wonderful day and God Bless, ~Cynthia <>,