Thursday, February 20, 2014

8 weeks to Organized

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Here we go again.  I am trying to get my CraftD Cave organized.  

Have you stopped laughing?  
Many of you have been to my CraftD Cave studio and taken classes
or visited.  You see a studio that looks fairly organized but what
you don't see is the CraftD Grave Yard.  

This is the area that things get swept away to before or after classes.
 10 minutes before you walk in the door I am in the bad habit of
 grabbing a box and swiping the table clear with my
forearm like a windshield wiper clearing off the snow.
 Then it gets thrown in this room with good intentions
of sorting it later.  

I would like to play ping pong with my family.  Yes believe it
 or not there is a ping pong table in this room somewhere.  
Here is another angle.  You can see the fuse ball table.  Kind of.
And there is a ping pong table somewhere. 

I am participating in the 2014 Get Organized Challenged 
at They sell a organization system but
 you don't have to buy their system. You can incorporate their ideas
 into your own system.  I am going to do a bit of both to make 
something that works for me.   I downloaded their workbook and 
I like that it breaks this down into 8 weeks of challenges.  
Each week I have a checklist of things to do.  

I talked to Irv about it and asked him to help me pick 8 rewards.  
At the end of each week if I complete the checklist for the week
 I will earn a reward. It could be something like playing a game of cards
with my family or a drive to the lake.  
We decided that my checklist would have to be completed every Friday.  
Irv decided that the reward would be a secret.  He asked for 
envelopes and paper.  I gave him the 3x3 envelopes and 8 pieces of
2 3/4x2 3/4 piece of card stock.  To my surprise he folded the
card stock and said he didn't want me to be able to read it through
the envelope.  lol
What?  Who me?  I wouldn't do that.  
After he sealed the envelopes, I decorated them with some Stampin' Up! Glimmer paper
and black card stock and put them in this cool purse I made at the last Stampin' Convention
which was in the pile.  

Tomorrow is Friday.  I have been working away and I will share on Saturday what I had to do
this past week and if I completed it.   Hopefully I get to open an envelope.  


  1. Oh man, you have your work cut out for you lady!!! You just have SO.MUCH.STUFF!!! Good luck with it!! I'll be following along and cheering you on!!

  2. So envelope #8 is a family game's night and Ping-Pong tournament on the newly found table, right?
    Should coincide nicely with Easter!

  3. Its been a week. Have you emerged yet? LOL Or are you lost in there. Just wanted to wish you luck. You can do this!!!!! Clear and organize to make room for fresh creative energy!!!