Monday, December 21, 2015

4 Days Until Christmas

Monday, December 21, 2015

Gift Exchange

We had a gift exchange at our Team Meeting.
From left to right this is Irma, Andrea,
Melissa, Nicole and Ria.

Sure it's all smiles in the picture now.  But there was
some stealing of presents going on.

Melissa was so excited to receive this present.
But then, LOOK OUT!

Irma's got it now!

Don't feel bad!  Ria certainly didn't.
It's hard to see because it's dark but Ria is laughing.
...we all are.

Nicole is holding the gift that I received.
Yes, that's right.
I stole it.

It was a very fun night.

Here is a few more pictures of the gifts.

I'm not sure why I can't get this to flip the 
right way.  Sorry, you will have to tilt
your head to read PEACE. 
This was made by Nicole. 

Melissa (sorry, caught her with her eyes closed)
 is holding chocolates and goodies
 from Bed and Bath Body Shop in super
cute decorative boxes that Ria made.

This is the awesome K cup holder,
gorgeously decorated by Melissa.

This is a desk set that is to note the
awesome things that happen in 2016 made
by Denise (me)
They jars are in a container so it's hard to
see the bottom of them.  Below is pictures
of the individual jars.

 Full of Hershey Nuggets
Glitter pencils and Sticky Notes
Empty jar to store the notes of all
the awesome things that happened
and things you are grateful for each day.
 Irma and Andrea made this gorgeous
cover for one of the 1/2 stamp cases ...
and inside are two containers of Dazzling Details.
Check out Irma and Andrea's blog here!
Woohoo!!!  Fabulous!!!

With only 4 days left to Christmas, maybe some of
these ideas will help you with your last minute
gift preparing.

Thanks for visiting today!
Denise Donald 
Craft D Cave

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