Monday, January 18, 2016

Jan 18, 2016 Wedding Plans

Monday, January 18, 2016
I made this little box and it fits two of the Esta
chocolates perfectly.
Or 3 of the Hershey's Nuggets
Of course the nuggets are even more special
when wrapped with a little Designer
Series Paper.

Last night our daughter invited us to dinner and
a wedding planning meeting.  Laryssa has been
engaged for over a year and now she's ready to
start planning the big event.
Attending the first meeting was Laryssa, Devin,
Devin's parents and Irv and I (Laryssa's parents).
Many topics were discussed so it is all a little
Topics included Venue, Food, Colours, Themes,
Traditions, Decorations, Favours, Clothing,
Invitees, Wedding Party, Beverages,
 Transportation, Babies/Children, Money,
Gifts, and the list goes on.
There will be monthly meetings and I will
be taking this little box to next month's meeting
to see if they would like to give them out at
the bridal shower or the wedding.
This is just a sample as the colours haven't been
chosen yet.   This is a combination of
Calypso Coral and Blushing Bride.
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  1. Weddings are exciting but can be so stressful! Good luck with it all! I am sure it will be a beautiful day!! Love the treat box! Gorgeous!