Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August 3, 2016 #imbringingbirthdaysback

Birthday Card from Shannon West.
Made with Rose Garden Framelits
I love getting Happy Mail.
Shannon West at Stampin' Up! is making lots
 of people happy this year by sending birthday
 cards. She has been sending thousands.  
And I am one of the lucky recipients that
 received a card from her.  As with most cards, 
they sparkle so much more when you see them 
up close.  I tried my best to capture the glitter
 on this card and the fine gold thread that just
 adds a touch of elegance to an already
 beautiful card.

Inside the card contains a handwritten message
 from Shannon.  In classes, I am often asked if I
 have sentiments to stamp on the inside of cards. 
 The stamped sentiments are nice but I gotta tell 
you, receiving a hand written message is so 
special and meaningful.  You might be thinking,
 "my handwriting is too messy" 
 "or they won't be able to read it" 
 Trust me, they will be able to read it.  
And if they can't figure it out, then when you see
 them you will have something fun to talk about.  
I lost my father when I was almost 16.  He had already
signed my "sweet sixteen" birthday card and that 
card is framed and I treasure that hand writing and 
the memories we shared.  
Thank you Shannon for the birthday card, the sweet 
sentiment inside in your own handwriting and
 thank you for #imbringingbirthdaysback

Thanks for visiting today!
Denise Donald 
Craft D Cave

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