Sunday, November 19, 2017

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

A little update.

Hi Everybody!!
Oct 26, 2017
Thank you all for sending the "thinking of you" cards.
They are all so nice.  
I have a customer newsletter ready to publish!  YEA!!  Irv and I are going to try and at least get out a weekly newsletter and some blog posts to keep you updated.
Irv's stroke has been a real learning curve for him. Not only his speech but math and typing skills have been very difficult for him.
It has been two months since his stroke and his vocabulary is coming back but he is frustrated several times an hour. But overall he getting better but writing and math is coming back very slowly.
An example of Irv's math:  
Dr - "How old are you?"
Irv - "33"
Dr - (laughing)
Irv - (looking very puzzled as to why the dr is laughing)
Denise - "He is 63.  The stroke affected his math.  In his head he said 63 but 33 came out."
Dr  to Irv - " Oh I thought you were making a joke.  You said it with such conviction"  
All of us - Laughing.
He is going is going to practice and get his practice as much as he can. Thank you all for your patience as he gets through all this.

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Denise Donald
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Friday, August 18, 2017

One More Day

Irv is finally home again.

Irv will have a big team helping him once he gets home. Hamilton Heart Efficiency Clinic, Nursing Home care, physio and occupational therapists, personal Support Workers, three local drs and me of course. 

His meds are now constantly being reviewed and adjusted so it’s important his vital signs are monitored daily even when Home. 

Just before he left the hospital they changed his diet and he said  the hospital food went from being “ok” to Very bland.  Although Irv did say that Norfolk General has better food generally than Hamilton General. 

Although the above lunch of salt free and low fat Mac n cheese didn’t impress him. Lol

Biggest issue for Irv is the continued fluid restriction. Total fluid intake per 24 hr period is 1.5 litres. Sounds like a lot but when you add all liquids together it doesn’t leave a lot of  room for even a can of soda.  (355 ml).   So he is constantly dry and thirsty.  That lunch above has a 125ml carton of milk  (half a cup) and broth in the cup was another 125ml. 

He has droppped in weight over the last 6 weeks by 10lbs.  Mostly liquids being drained out but some because he isn’t eating much. 

Now that he's home, I am sure he will enjoy some home cooking. Lol

Anyway that’s all my news for today. We don’t do much else these days.   Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. They are much appreciated. 

Have a good day everybody!

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Denise Donald
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cardmaking Anywhere!!

As some of you know Irv was admitted to hospital again on Friday for low blood pressure. They have got the level back up and he should be home tomorrow.

This will be the way things are for him for the foreseeable future. But he got new local doctors to sign him up as a patient rather than travelling to Hamilton. The cardiologist was especially important. 

Here’s a photo of me with this months Paper Pumpkin at Irv’s bedside. 

Paper Pumpkin has a special sale on now of 50% off until September 10.  

Another great deal!!  The July kit was 8 cards of two main themes. Beautiful kit comes with a stamp set you can still use for years to come. I always find alternate designs too. Using scraps from the kit and other cards I make gives me the chance to use as much product as possible with little waste. 

I love the fact that my August kit is on its way already as I have a regular subscription. 

I’m trying to get back to daily blogging now ( again) but I have had distractions. Sorry. 

Hope you all enjoy a beautiful day!!

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Denise Donald
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back to Blogging

Sorry for the delay in getting back to blogging. It’s been a hard week since Irv got home.  His heart is not what it once was and he tires very easily. It has hit him hard. We have seen some improvement over the week but it’s slow progress. We did get out for a drive on Saturday night and had dinner in Port Rowan.  He was able to walk to the outside patio with my help and we enjoyed dinner there. His new restricted liquids and low sodium diet still allows him some selections of a menu.

Here is our patio view.  It’s was a quiet but beautiful evening. 

We drove back through Port Dover before heading home.   

Sunday night we also drove around Port Dover and just soaked up the sights while sitting on the pier.  Lovely. 

Monday was spent binge watching a great Netflix crime drama series while I got a huge backlog of laundry caught up. 

This week Irv will see numerous nurses who do home visits and get lab work done. He will also meet a new doctor setting up practice just around the corner from our house. Hopefully this doctor will take Irv as a patient. 

Irv’s days of working at a job he loves, brand ambassador doing sampling, will be ending as he can no longer stand for long periods as required.  He will miss that job very much.  Instead he can still work a laptop. So he will get back into helping me with Stampin’ Up!  And there is lots to do with that!!

So here’s to a short work week!!  May our weather be great!!

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Denise Donald
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Normal Routine?

Lol. Not quite yet!  Irv’s learning that all the little chores are more tiring to perform. But he is moving a bit.

He has ventured around the house a bit but he isn’t pushing it.  New diet and fluid intake restrictions are definitely something he is adapting to. 

He got a number of really nice get well soon cards. Here are just two. The sentiments inside were very nice.   This first one is from Irma and Andrea. 

This second card is from Lynn and Bev. 

We are starting to get reorganized at this point since he is home. 

Tonight we hope to go to the beach and pier for a coffee. Irv will be in his wheelchair though. Way too much walking for him. 

Hope you have a great night!

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Denise Donald
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Irv’s Home

Finally!!!  Yesterday was a big day for our family as we got Irv back home. 

He was informed on Monday morning that he would be released in the afternoon or evening once all the pieces fell into place. I went immediately after work and got him around 7pm.  There were four pieces that had to be done. Prescription and pharmacy, Home Cate Nursing, Rapid Response Nursing and finally, follow up plans with cardiology and family doctors. A lot of planning. 

He enjoyed his drive home for sure and was happy to see his own bed.  He has had trouble sleeping at night due to shortness of breath and, of course, didn’t have the fancy folding hospital bed or oxygen. So he made do with stacks of pillows. He said he slept better than expected so that’s a plus for sure. 

This is him checking out his new pill collection and new insulin pen. 

We are glad he is home but now we need a new daily routine and that’s going to include several third parties help him keep his health. 

We will start turning our attention back to Stampin’ Up! as his strength grows.  

In the meantime, the new Holiday Catalgue is set for release on Sept 1.  Watch this blog for more info on all the gorgeous new Product!!

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All Day Crop Weekend.

It’s Sunday and right in the middle of All Day Crop.

Irv still in hospital and quite sorry not be out of of hospital to help. He really enjoys doing them. Yesterday my daughter Laryssa and my super mom, Leone, worked together to get the Saturday Crop going until my work finished. Super heartfelt thanks to both of them!!

Today my mom is helping again!  I think she enjoys all this too!!!  

My two boys David and JJ are my workhorses getting things to and from the hall and setting up.  Irv’s wondering if everything is going better without him there.  Everyone yesterday was missing him but he vows to make our next Crop in August. 

As today is Sunday, Irv is anxiously awaiting tomorrow for an update on going home. He still feels tired easily and each activity takes time to recover. But he promises to get back in the saddle soon.  The photo below is Saturday where we had a full house so my idea of Saturday and Sunday is showing it is helpful to have back to back Crops. I see so many friends now coming to the Crops and Saturday works for some and Sunday for others. Perfect!

Still probably need to investigate bigger halls but Port Dover is an attraction and there aren’t many rental hall opportunities. I’ll keep everyone up to date. 

Someone took this photo of the beach today. Nice crowd!

Hope you all had a good weekend no matter what you did!!  

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Denise Donald
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Friday, July 28, 2017

New Update!

Sorry we haven’t posted in a few days as it’s been hectic here and at the hospital.

This heart attack for Irv is pretty serious and his recovery will be long. His first heart attacks he bounced back really quickly but this one is much harder for him and us. 

He has been in hospital for two weeks as of Friday, July 28. The new heart attack didn’t cause a lot more damage than the previous four but it’s the accumulative effect. 

The doctors can’t do anything surgically so before they can release him they want him on new meds and routines he can maintain at home. They are enrolling him in a monitor at home program and will have nurses visiting him there. 

His energy levels need to be built up too. He is tired a great deal of the time and is having breathing issues especially at night. So he doesn’t rest well.  

We do expect he might be home in a few days. They moved him out of intensive care to a regular bed at 2pm Friday. But the sooner he gets home the better. That means our family isn’t making the daily commute to Hamilton and will take pressure off us all to let us get back to normal. 

Irv and I want to thank everyone for their prayers and good wishes. Your thoughts mean a lot to us. 

I will try to update again very soon. 

In the meantime here is a new wedding photo for you. 

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Denise Donald
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Sunday, July 23, 2017

He loves a puzzle!!

We all arrived for his Saturday visit to see Irv looking a bit more relaxed. Nice.

We let him tell his stories of the day as he likes to do so it was a great chat.

Here we have, left to right, My mom, Leone Blumenstock, me, Neice Laura, and Terry and Diana, with Irv talking with his hands as usual.  Laryssa took the iPhoto. 

Regularly the nurses ask us to excuse ourselves while they do something with Irv.  We came back this time to see Irv attempting to de-core strawberries with his oxygen mask.  We didn’t have a knife but that wasn’t stopping him. 

Irv has to now start reducing more salt and liquids from his diet but strawberries allowed!!

His appetite is slowly coming back thankfully. 

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Friday Update

Friday schedule was the same as Thursday. David, Laryssa, Terry Diane the myself and JJ.

The news today is that the MedicalTeam is loading Irv up on a new oral drug that hopefully would provide them the ability to get rid of his current IV drug that gives extra punch to the left ventricle when it pumps. It started today but will take until Monday to load him up. 

Here is Laryssa at bottom who looks like she is moving in.  Lol!! She was also providing fresh fruit to her dad. Big diet changes for Irv are a reduction in Liquid and Salt. Serious changes we believe as nothing was said officially to us. 

His spirits are still high as most of you know he uses a lot of humour in life. 

We hope this means he can be back home by mid to end of next week. 

I am still open for business. You can pick up the Bonus Day special below just by going on-line or thinking about Carols of Christmas?  I’ll take a preorder for sure. 

More tomorrow folks!!

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Thursday Update

This morning Irv wanted me to make sure I thanked everyone for their well wishes on his and my behalf. We both appreciate your thoughts and prayers!❤️❤️

As most you know Irv had his first heart attack 12 years ago with 4 more since then. Although they individually did a bit of damage, the cumulative affect has hit with this one. 

Normally Irv is in and out of hospital within 5 days. This is Day 6 with no release date in site. The doctors are performing lots of tests to determine his course of treatment on release. Irv’s a fighter and, although life will need to get easier for him, and more regulated, he’s cooperating with his medical team 100%. 

As a family we split the visiting days into 3. David in the morning then he goes to his afternoon shift, Laryssa goes to work early and drive to Hamilton for late afternoon, then JJ and I head over for late shift. This way everyone supports Irv. Terry and Diane have been there for late shift. 

This is David and Irv this morning. 

We will use the blog to keep everyone updated. If you comment on the blog then Irv will see them and reply. 

Thanks again to all of you. 

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Yet another long day for our family. Really hoping Irv can get settled and come home soon. Today we had Laryssa, David, JJ , myself and Michael and Maaike Pendergast in to visit.

That’s a roomful for sure.  Irv always describes himself as my minion so I took him one to remind him to get home soon. This minion is attacking a pack of cookies EXACTLY like Irv would do. Lol!

I cancelled three classes this week and I will get them rescheduled. 

Laryssa brought  a beautiful 10 minute video from the wedding which I’ll be thrilled to show anyone who asks.
Here are four photos Irv has up on the wall  in his room that Maaike and Michael brought. 

Irv can’t get out of bed with all his wires and tubes. 

We cropped this one but it loses the detail. Thanks to Maaike and Michael for those. 

More on this adventure tomorrow. Good night everyone. 

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Denise Donald
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Monday, July 17, 2017

Off to Hamilton General

Off to Hamilton Geral today to be with Irv. They are sending him this morning so get an angioplasty to review damage from his latest heart attack. 

I had to cancel my CraftD Stampers club but I’m sure they understand. 

Irv’s spirits are good and he slept well last night. My mom, brother terry and sister in law Diane visited last night with me. Irv wanted to play cards so I went and bought a deck and we had several hands of euchre. He was really glad we did that. A sense of normality. 

Today he got his angioplasty then had a big tube inserted into his shiymder tgar Ruben’s into 3 chambers of is heart. It has an electric wire in it which creates wave form images show what’s happening. More like a plumbing job. Lol. 

Team meeting on Friday had some great cards for the swap.

Gif card holders. 

Top left Sue Mustard
Top right Denise Donald
Middle Melissa Omoniyi Bellefontaine
Bottom left Karen Rutledge bottom right Irma and Andrea Radzick 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday in ICU

I spent a big chunk of time today with Irv in ICU at Norfolk General. He got a really nice private room. He’s having some trouble breathing right but the doctors and staff seem really good and are getting I under control. 

I said he was just looking for a few days off. Lol. Our schedule will change a bit once we know what’s happening with him. 

His experience with hospital food there is 50/50. 50% inedible and 50% not good. Lol. He can get regular food as long as it’s low salt and sugar free. Low carbs, Fat free, low trans fat and under 1500 calories per day. He figures he can eat an unsalted stick. Three times a day. 

Selfie of Irv. Loves his Coronation Street. 

Or team meeting on Friday was great and we have to get the team swap picture up here. But it’s been a long day. I’ll sign off for now. 

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Yippee!! It’s Saturday!

Let the fun begin!  Well it actually started last night with Team Meeting!  Our technology worked!  The online system hung together nicely with a repaired laptop we had sitting at home.  But Canada Post didn’t deliver the card projects I sent to North Bay so we still have to do that with our North Bay team. There are 6 team members there now.

The team swap theme was Gift Card holders. Got some really nice cards to show you all soon.  One of the things I do during the meeting is award prizes for achievements and prize patrol. Our ladies who attend in person help keep the tickets and prizes for the online ladies and they get their prizes sent to them. So everyone has an equal chance to win. 

Last night Melissa was online and won a candy bouquet for her sales effort. She wanted to taste it so we held it up to the screen for her. 

Sue Mustard got to try the real thing!

However, Irv had not been feeling good all day. Heart issues.  During the meeting he had to go lie down. But at about 9pm the angina pain went away. Then at 11.30pm the pain came back with a vengeance. We headed to hospital right away and he had test results showing he had another heart attack. He is at Simcoe General. Doing fine. Remember this isn’t his first time with this. Nor mine. I’ll keep you all posted but here he is. 

He is off to Hamilton early next week for another angioplasty. 

I hope everyone has a healthy weekend!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Friday, July 14, 2017

Gift Card Presenting

Hi everybody. Welcome to mid-July!!  Hope you’re going to have a fun weekend with friends and family. Tonight is my monthly Team Meeting night. I hold these meetings at my house and I have team members attend in person and via an online service called Zoom.  It allows my team to participate from their homes and they share our presentations and are able to join in via web cameras, microphones and speakers. Great technology!  But it has to work right and Irv is spending time today refining the process with a new laptop.

Today I created a gift card holder which is for our team meeting swap.  I wanted this concept to be centered on sweet treats. 

Here it is. Top photo shows the closed card holder. When you open it up you see the gift card slide up to show the sentiment. That’s the middle and bottom photos. 

This design can be modified to fit any occasion and is super easy to put together. It makes giving a gift card more personal than the standard commercial envelope you sometimes get with these cards. 

Irv and I are going to try to get deliveries done this weekend.  We enjoy our drives together and it’s very satisfying to me to be able to hand orders over to customers in person rather than shipping to their door.  I might not see some of them otherwise! Lol. I spend a few minutes with each customer just to talk about how things are going. Social chit chat. Irv waits in the car. But he isn’t idle. 

Irv is an official Google Maps Guide and uses the time waiting to update local information into GooglecMaps. Google asks him questions about local points of interest and he answers those. In particular he tries to correct the wrong positioning of businesses to be more accurate. More than once he tried to find a place only to discover it’s not where the map shows. It was that frustration that made him join this volunteer Guide organization. Lol!  He also uploads photos of locations for people to enjoy. It’s a neat way for him to keep out of trouble!!  

I hope your days are good!! Remember to enjoy life!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thundery Thursday

The weather is yucky!!  But warm!  But it may all pass over by tonight. That’s Port Dover under the blue circle with white cross.

So I always try to get the most out of every sheet of cardstock or roll of ribbon. I don’t like wasted product. Last night we needed to get a certain number of pieces of ribbon from a partial roll I had. I’m getting pretty good at estimating. This is what was left when the project was done. Lol!  I’m getting better. 

As promised yesterday, here are the 5 sample cards from the new Carols of Christmas Bundle that goes on sale August 1. 

Don’t forget you can order the bundle from me in advance and I’ll get the orders all placed as soon as the system lets me order on August 1st. 

Did you know today was National French Fry day?  
It’s believed by some the term “French” "was introduced to fried potatoes when U.S., soldiers arrived in Belgium during World War I and consequently tasted Belgian fries - they called them 'French' as it was the official language of the Belgian Army at that time."

Some Interesting Facts
- Canadians don’t skip the dip: When it comes to toppings, most people prefer dipping, almost 50% choose dip, 35% choose pour over/sprinkle and 15% dip and pour over.
- Men don’t share fries or are at least less likely to than woman, only 49% of men share fries compared to 63% of women
- We’re in love with the shape of every cut of fry but the straight cut fry is the leader with 33% nationally.
- Close second in Quebec was the shoestring fry at 27%.

And nobody gives away free fries today!  Lol.  Our family love our French fries 🍟.  But we are picky!  

Hope you all have a great big plate of fries today the way you like them!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Midweek and almost mid July

Well where has July gone so far!  Wasn’t July 1st just a few days ago?  How did we get to the 12th already??

Today in Port Dover it’s overcast and rainy. Chance of thunderstorms. Yuck!

Last night I had to tell JJ I couldn’t go for our new nightly walk due to blisters on my feet. Those are painful and have to heal before I can go back to that routine. A pleasant one at that. The walking that is. 

So many things happening with Stampin’ Up! that Irv and I continue to work at. Bonus Days (sales promo) in July, Christmas in July (recruiting promo) and Carols of Christmas (new bundle promo that’s available August 1).   We are starting to do more social media marketing than ever before so there’s a lot of work prepping to do that. But we still had time last night for the Toonie Tuesday ice cream at the Tugboat Candy company right at the pier.  They have a loyalty card program so Irv got his ice cream for free. JJ asked us to bring one home for him. That’s the last time we do that!  Lol. Timed it so we got his ice cream and jumped in the car to drive home. We live two minutes from downtown. No traffic lights on the way. Well do you know how fast ice cream starts to melt??  It was dripping all over me, the car, my hands, everywhere and we were not even a quarter of the way home!!  Irv said hold it out the car window. Sounds smart but the wind was hotter than the car and it was like putting a blow torch to the ice cream!  No photos as Irv was driving and I was trying desperately to hang onto this creamy mess. Lol. I called JJ and told him to meet us in the driveway. He did and got to licking it right away.  Amazing what can happen in two minutes. 

There is still time for everyone to enjoy Bonus Days. 

Storm warnings issued for this area now. Take care everybody and stay dry!!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Christmas in July!

It really is!!  Got my pre order of the new “Carols of Christmas” bundle yesterday.  It’s a stamp set and Thinlets that combine to give many many options on card design.

Every Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator was allowed to buy one bundle in July to prepare for our Customer PreOrder that starts on August 1. 

Last night I took a few minutes (had lots of boxes yesterday to sort into orders for delivery) and die cut the Thinlets to show you what just the Thinlets give you.  Here you see all the pieces. 

Here’s a tip for you if you own Thinlets. As soon as you get the Thinlets, open the package, remove the sheet of Thinlets, take the Thinlets off the sticky paper and adhere the sticky paper to something important to you or to a really nice card. Somewhere really inconvenient. Why?  Because that’s always what happens to me with those incredibly sticky sheets!!    The tip...go to the dollar store, yes I said go to the dollar store. Buy the thin magnetic sheets and cut those to fit the Thinlets plastic envelope. Put your Thinlets back onto that sheet. Now there’s nothing sticky left to screw up your work area. LOL. It looks like this. Works like a charm!  But don’t buy any other crafting supplies at the dollar store!! 

With this Thinlets set you can die cut the stamp shapes. I really like that you can save the punched out pieces to use as extra Die cuts. Below is the marketing ad put out by Stampin’ Up!  

There are 5 sample cards that they show. When you order from me I give you the 5 sample card tutorials for FREE!  I’ll post all 5 sample cards here tomorrow. 

So last night was busy in our house with inventory, order preparation and some creativity.  Not a lot of relaxing time I’m afraid. 

JJ and I have started to do nightly walks again before bedtime. I already have a blister. Lol. Oh well. It gives me and him a chance to talk and we normally walk to the beach and back. Irv can’t do the walk due to his bad ankles and feet but is still awake when we get home. He always has Stampin’ Up! Stuff to do. And Gemma (our dog) hasn’t got the endurance anymore. Last time she walked to the beach and back she had bad hip problems that took about a week to clear up. Hoping that doesn’t happen to me. Lol!

Well I hope the day treats you all well no matter where you are!!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Monday, July 10, 2017

A New Week Begins!

Have you tested your smoke alarms lately?  Sunday evening I decided it was time to test ours. Both worked perfectly I’m happy to say. Irv was pleased that I took the initiative. However he wondered why there wasn’t anything to go with the breaded chicken we had for dinner and why the kitchen smelled of burned rice. I assured him it must just be his sense of smell and to just enjoy the chicken!  Lol!  Oops!  😉

Normally I have Mondays off but I’m working today as it’s summer and vacation season so I’m covering for someone.

Yesterday I was able to keep playing with the “Soft Sayings” card kit and have now finished making my 20 cards. Tonight I’ll mount them all into a board and post a photo this week showing them all. 

On Friday we got news from Stampin’ Up! That the “Daisy Delight” bundle is on back order again. Apparently it is the number 1 best selling stamp set in the last 5 years!  It’s now not even available to order until August. I’ll keep you posted. Here is a photo of that set. 

You see a card sample here on the bottom right of that photo.     Here is another example. 

This week I will show samples from the new bundle you can order starting August 1. Yes!  It’s definitely a Christmas bundle. 

 That’s vellum punched out overtop of a family photo. A great Christmas card idea!  My demonstrator bundle should arrive today. Big reveal tomorrow!

Have a super day!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Christmas in July

As a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator I get sneak previews of upcoming products and promotions. Last week I was notified of a great new bundle that will be available to all of you starting on August 1.  But I was given the chance to order one of these for myself in July. My new bundle is arriving tomorrow and I’ll be starting to create with it right away!  I’m super excited about it!!!  I’m going to create some video tutorials and sample cards which I’ll start posting next week.

Watch this space!  You won’t be disappointed!  In fact here is a teaser. A card made with this bundle!

This is a sample made by Stampin’ Up! as one of 5 cards that I think are absolutely gorgeous and showcase the versatility of the bundle!

I will be showing the new bundle at my All Day Crops on July 29th and 30th. 

Today is stay home and do a little organizing, a little creating and a little relaxing.  Not necessarily in that order. Lol!  

Here is my creating so far. Using the “Soft Sayings” card kit from page 11 of the catalogue. 

Here is what I have so far!!  It makes 20 cards that are really pretty. The kit is complete and even includes dimensionals. You just need some glue dots and multi purpose glue.   Notice there is a refill kit if you want to make more. 

What are your plans for a beautiful day like today?  Whatever they are please enjoy and stay safe!  

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
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