Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This months Paper Pumpkin Kit

Beautiful day ahead of us according to the weather forecast. Warm breezes and clear skies. Nice. 

Irv and I belong to a Facebook group called "Currently in Port Dover". People use it to talk about things happening in and around Port Dover like a chat room. One of the main topics lately is the sighting in town and during the day of coyotes. Not just outside of town but walking around in the subdivisions.  Lots of people seeing them and, thankfully no incidents with them either. Photos are posted so we see these. We haven't seen any ourselves but are always watching.  Here is a photo from that FB group. 


Wow!  My Paper Pumpkin for May just arrived!  What a great kit and just in time for Fathers Day next month.

I'm always excited to receive my kit because it's always a surprise.  Stampin' Up! never tell us what's coming each month although this month they gave us some clues to tease us.  Something round that you would enjoy most mornings. I guessed donuts or golf!  My donuts guess was right!!  You get enough supplies to make 9 cards. Yes. 9. Not a dozen. We think that's because of the US exchange rate. LOL!  

Below is a photo of the kit. You get almost everything you need, even dimensionals and glue dots. The only thing you need to have handy is an acrylic block for the stamps and a snail or multi purpose adhesive.    That's what I love about these kits. They are complete standalone card sets. 


Their envelopes are just like the bags that donuts come in!  How neat is that!  Oh, and there are ZERO calories.  


  1. OMG dangerous and close in town isn't good.
    super great collection.. BL