Friday, June 30, 2017

Huge Paper Pumpkin Sale!!

I got the news yesterday afternoon about a huge one day sale for first time subscribers of Paper Pumpkin!  Instead of paying $26.95 for your kit you get it for $7.00.  That’s right! $7.00. And that includes shipping!!

But it’s only until midnight tonight. June 30. So act fast!!

You can order by clicking this link.  Don’t forget to enter the promo code!! “ONEDAY0717” 


As you know I am a big fan of Paper Pumpkin kits. I have seen both the creativity and the quality grow since it was first introduced several years ago. 

I post some of the kits right here. For instance, the June kit 
“One in a Melon” has enough supplies to make 6 gift bags and cards. 

The special is only for first time subscribers though. So if you haven’t subscribed before then please take advantage of the offer. $7.00 Canadian. Including Shipping!  Wow!!  Do you know someone who would like this?  Even your significant other or children ?  They may just give it to you!!

It’s Friday and I’m ready for a few days off. It was a late night coming back from my Woodstock Class last night. Those ladies kept me at it pretty late!  But lots of fun!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Thursday, June 29, 2017

All Set For Canada Day Weekend?

Today is an anniversary of sorts. A year ago today we moved to Port Dover. It was not smooth as our old home closed on the Thursday but too late in the day for our new one to close. So we had to move into a hotel for the weekend.  Wouldn’t seem too bad except we had two 10x20 containers, 1x3 ton truck and 1x1 ton truck full of possessions. We were scrambling for storage as both trucks had to be returned on Saturday. Friday was the holiday. And it was very hot and we had our pet Gemma who was very confused with everything.  Here she is in Irv’s armchair in the driveway of the old house.

We found storage units in Paris and Simcoe thanks to my brother Terry for arranging all that. We spent Friday removing everything from the big truck into a storage unit in Simcoe and the smaller truck got unloaded into storage in Paris. 

We saw nothing of the Port Dover Canada Day festivities. We then spent the Saturday and Sunday working at our jobs and coming back to a very crammed hotel room. 

It was an exhausting process. We got the new house on the Monday afternoon and started moving everything from storage into the house. A double move. A year later and we are still moving things around!  Garage is still full. LOL. 

This is s photo of Denise and two exhausted boys who know that, now we have the key, the moving IN process is about to begin. They were totally exhausted at this point from a week of moving out and into storage. The boys were/are our heroes!!

In fact ALL of our family pitched in with a huge effort during that period. Thanks again to everyone. 

Hopefully the next month will let us catch up but in the meantime.... We are going to enjoy Canada Day in Port Dover for the first time! We ARE all set!!  🇨🇦🎆🎇🎉🎂👍

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sunny Wednesday?

It appears we may have a day without rain!  Let’s see if they are right!

Irv and I went to the pier last night and had Kawartha Dairy ice cream. Toonie Tuesday at the ice cream store. What a deal!  We are also at 7 ice cream cones on our loyalty Card.  3 more for a freebie!  Lol!  That will be this weekend I’m guessing.  The ice cream store keeps your card there in the store. You just give your name and they mark it up. Great way to do it! You don’t need to worry who has the card or have to try finding it. 

Here is a wall hanging I made for last Friday’s team meeting. 

It can be adapted to be four separate cards if you want but I like it as one that represents Canada’s four seasons. I haven’t had much time to create my version of a Canada 150th Day Card yet. This may be it!!  LOL!  I see lots of Canadian flags decorating lawns but that’s pretty traditional to use flags. I’ll try to be a bit more creative. Watch this space over the next few days. 😉

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

It’s Catching Up With Me!!

Yup. Lack of sleep has caught up. Got home last night and was exhausted.

Had a good dinner then watched some tv before an early night in bed.  

But I’m up and at it early today!  Lots to do before work. 

Thursday class in Woodstock so I have to finish getting that ready. Orders to place.  Newsletters to get out. Lol. Never a dull moment!

I got a chance to play with the June Paper Pumpkin a little. Here is a great little gift bag. Don’t you just love the watermelon colours and the tiny clothes pin accent?  

I’m going to be playing more with it over the next week or two. I’ll post more. 

Port Dover has a long running Canada Day Parade on Saturday.  This year is special and we expect it to take over one hour to pass any given point.  That’s in the afternoon after a huge boat parade at 11am in the harbour. Followed by fireworks at 10pm.  There’s even a soap box derby!  Haven’t been to one of those in many years.  Looking forward to it all!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

And .... Its Back to Work

Lol. Yes. At my regular job!  Normally I have Monday off but with vacations I had to cover for someone today. Mondays are busy there so it was a quick day. 

I have to show you this photo from our Harbour on Saturday. 
It was tug boat race and tug of war day. Serious stuff and real fun to watch except...we weren't there!  Dang!  Irv was at the Crop and I was at work.  We realized how much we missed when we saw these pictures on FaceBook. 


This is fishing boat crew having a challenge race. The boats are the fish totes used to put the fish into from the nets!  

This photo is two fishing boats doing tug of war!

Great video clips on Facebook too!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Monday, June 26, 2017

Super Sunday!!

Another successful crop day!  We are going to offer Saturday and Sunday Crop days once per month instead of just Sundays. This combination lets people fit a crop day into their busy schedules and makes it easier for us to run the crop over two days instead of one. All the set up and tear down can be spread out so we aren't as exhausted. Lol!

Here are a few photos. 

This last one is my mom doing wedding photos from Laryssa's wedding.  Sorting and selecting the right photos isn't always easy!

From the archives..... A simple photo frame and some great paper and words to live by. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Saturday Crop

What a great day!  I work Saturdays until 3pm so Irv stood in as host until I got there. 

By all accounts he did well!  The weather was pretty good until the afternoon and evening storms ran through Port Dover starting at 5pm. 

In the harbour area today we had the Port Dover Tug Boat races and other fun. The town was really busy. 
However we had lots of cropping going on at the same time!  No spectators though! But just as intense!  Lol!

Sunday should be just as much fun!  

Here is another one of the less formal photos from the wedding. The best man and two groomsmen were absent. Big group. 11 groomsmen in total. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Great Team Meeting.

Other than Irv having technical difficulties with Zoom, the meeting went well. Lots attended Irma and Andrea's home as they hosted the meeting. Their hospitality was fabulous, as usual. 

We had a Kid's card theme for our team card swap. 

Here they are!!

A very talented group of ladies and the group is growing. 

Today is All Day Crop as is Sunday.  

Here is a photo of Laryssa and the girls travelling to the wedding in the limo bus. The air conditioning wasn't working well and the girls were very hot. 


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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Friday, June 23, 2017

Team Friday

Here we are on Friday again!  Rainy day but humid. Finally got the customer newsletter out last night. A little late but we had to get all of our July Event dates settled. Trying to spread them out a little but also keep some consistency. Lol. Not easy. 

Team meeting tonight and we usually do a themed swap card as part of our agenda. The theme tonight is a "kids card".  I wanted to make a card that a child could find a little interactive so I made this one. Top photo is card and bottom is where the slider pulls away to show a message. 

This card can have whatever message you would like so the possibilities are endless. 

My team are very creative so I'm looking forward to seeing what they come up with!!

I'm getting closer to starting a line of tutorial videos and I might just do this one. 

I also do a make n take project and tonight's is really something.  It's a secret until the team see it tonight. I'll post it tomorrow. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why did I do it?

Why did I schedule two Crop days the day after team meeting. Lol!   Originally I had a Saturday between them but some people need a Saturday for All Day Crops. We are trying something new this Crop weekend. Irv is going to be there Saturday while I go to work from 9 until 3. I'll get there around 3.30 until we finish. Hopefully everything works out well.

But I realized this morning that everything has to be done tonight (Yikes!) for the next three days of events. At least next month will have separation between events. Lol. 

Here are the three wedding cakes I had to bake and prep at home on Thursday and then decorate at the hall on Friday night, the night before the wedding. We couldn't transport them fully decorated so we had to haul all the decorating supplies along with clothes and other wedding projects in the car with us on the day before the wedding. The cakes are three different flavours. Vanilla, carrot cake and butter pecan. All double layers. We were at the hall until 11.30pm when hall staff had to close the hall for the night. They were super helpful and understanding. 

By all accounts the cake was fresh, moist and delicious!  Thank goodness!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wedding Brain

It's very strange but I think I'm suffering from "Wedding Brain". Lol!

I have been so focussed on the wedding for months and months that I'm still thinking about planning for it.  For example, I was in a store last night after work looking for something and I kept finding items that I thought "would look good at the wedding".  I realized I did that on Sunday and Monday too when it hit me last night about what I was doing. 

I've never had this happen before. I hope it eventually goes away before I accidentally buy something I don't need. Lol!

One thing we are all struggling with is a shortage of photos from the wedding. Laryssa asked everyone to not take photos or post to social media as she wants the professional photos to be posted. Seems like a lot of people listened!  

But here is one of JJ asking his cousin Kevin to stand in for him by wearing JJ's jacket. 

Here is one of our new family!  6 of us now!  Sorry JJ. The tree is camouflaging you.
Photo credits to niece Karen Blumenstock. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Team Meeting and Crop Weekend

Hey everyone!!  Back to work today. My monthly team meeting is this Friday and then we have a two day Crop here in Port Dover.  So it's a Stampin' Up! Weekend ahead!

I also hope to get into my Paper Pumpkin kit from las week. Super looking summer theme of melons in summer colours!

Our town is still undergoing lots of construction and this is hopefully the last year the main road will be torn up. They have been doing a section of the main road for three separate summers and I think patience has just about run out with the townsfolk. Several accidents in town caused by side roads all being congested.  For those coming to the Crop you have to detour a little bit to get to the hall if coming through downtown. 

However the beach area is starting to really take shape again. Our benches are all back on the pier so you can sit again to watch the harbour or sunset. This shot was in the morning. 

The shot below was 8pm. The storm actually missed Port Dover. 


A great place to have that after dinner Timmy's!  Or just to sit and talk. 

Here's a great shot somebody posted to Facebook over the weekend during the storms here. It's a double lightning strike. 


We have a number of amateur photographers who post regularly to a Port Dover specific group on Facebook. The shot above is towards the fishing docks from the pier just a 90 degree turn from the bench photos above.  We are pretty lucky to have this talent pool post photos like these. The little bird in the bottom right of the photo is the watermark of photographer Robert Irvine.  That last name isn't very common and Irv likes to watch for Roberts posts. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Monday and Back to Normal

It's my Stampers Club Class today.  The house needs a bit of reorganizing after that last few days pushing to get projects done but that's ok. 

We had a nice day on Fathers Day as there was no time crunch on wedding projects. Yes I had to get cards designed and ready for today but I love doing that. 

We had dinner down at the beach. David, JJ, Irv and I. Then we had ice cream while walking down the pier.  As we walked the clouds gave way to clear evening skies. Beautiful. There is a maritime museum at the other end of our main pier that we really want to go through soon. By all reports it's a really good one with loads of local history. Definitely needs to be on the schedule. 

Here is a photo of Irv and Laryssa's father and daughter dance. They both got quite emotional and it was very touching to see the bond. 

I'll drop photos of the wedding into my blog over the next few weeks as I get them. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Happy Fathers And Wedding Day!

I write this early on Fathers Day.  We are relaxing after the big wedding day. And what a day it was!!  Other than the schedule being a few minutes off, a conventional 20 minutes late, the day went off without a hitch!  Oh sure there were little issues but it was agreed by all at the end of the night that it was a perfect day!!

The weather held off during the ceremony and it rained a little during the official photos but nothing bad. 

There were 4 photographers all day so we are looking forward to seeing lots of photos in the near future. 

Here is one of just Irv and I. Irv promised Laryssa he would wear a kilt and he kept his word. 


The day was full of love and emotion. As a wedding should be. The reception dinner was excellent!  Speeches were great!  Everyone had a really good time!

And now life can start to return to normal. We have a new son in law and our daughter has a new name she can be proud of. 

Today I'm going over to my mom's in Woodstock. Just to relax. Irv and JJ have work shifts over there today. I have to get ready for a class for tomorrow. That will be tonight. 

So I'll breathe a big sigh of relief that all went well. I'll spend the next few days with a smile on my face while thinking of Laryssa's great day!!

Life returns to normal!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Final Day

As this is the big day we aren't blogging much today. We got through this day and are at dinner now. 

More tomorrow. 


More tomorrow. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Friday, June 16, 2017

And 1!! ....

Final day before the wedding. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner although the rehearsal was Tuesday night. 

Got my manicure yesterday. Ok job but service wasn't nearly as good as where I got my pedicure.  This morning is hair cut time. New hairdresser for that too!!  A week of firsts for new places. 

Last night we stayed up late. Irv got the seat cards all laid out and printed. He finished the program too. These were last minute items to accommodate any changes. I got signs made and cakes are now baked and awaiting more icing.  Still lots to do with fewer hours left. The kitchen will have to wait for cleanup though.  Lol!


Irv made a typo last night that had us both laughing. He was proof reading the program that he had just emailed to Laryssa. He caught the only error in the whole thing. The recessional by "bridge" and groom. Oops. Sorry Laryssa. Fixed now. 

Yesterday was also a great Stampin' Up! Day!  Paper Pumpkin arrived!!

I only had time for a quick peek.  It looks great!!  Definitely a sweet summer theme!


 It will have to wait for me though. 

Saturday is the big day. Next week is paper pumpkin play time!!!  

Wish me luck getting to Sunday!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave


Thursday, June 15, 2017


Whew!! Starting to feel the crunch. It's not just the wedding projects now but time for me personally to get ready.

Pedicure, manicure and hair all have to be done before Saturday. I'm getting my hair cut before Saturday to be ready for the stylist on Saturday morning. Got my pedicure last night. Manicure today after work. 

Yes, that's my right foot looking glamorous. I got my pedicure at a location in Waterford that I hadn't gone to before. I already booked my next visit I was so impressed!

Now I'm doing the wedding cake that will be used for the official cake cutting.  On my 16th birthday, Diane, my best friend who became my sister-in-law, her parents gave me an introductory baking course and pictured below is the Wilton 1984 Cake Decorating yearbook that has been my baking bible ever since. I use it faithfully and pulled it out again for this super important wedding cake!!  The date is in the upper right corner.  It's a little beat up at this point but it has served me well!

The cake is three layers and the final stages will be done tomorrow at the reception venue.  Sorry to tease but I can't show it yet. Next week I will. 


 I took Friday and Saturday off work as vacation days so the big final push starts again after my manicure tonight at 5pm. Off work tomorrow so tonight is a big night for getting the last items done. Wish me luck!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3!! ... Time Slipping Away

And so... we are down to 3 days left. Last night we had the rehearsal. It was a great chance to see the venue and understand the layout and procedures. Of course there are always last minute details and lots and lots of discussion and more changes but we all agreed that it's Laryssa's wedding so she gets the final say.

Here is a great photo of that decision making in action!  Lol. We cropped the image so as not to give away what the venue looks like until the wedding day and formal photos. So it's a little grainy but you can see the discussion going on and Laryssa smiling at her dad!!

It's actually Irv telling Laryssa she wasn't following the steps properly but Laryssa knew she was "in step" but "somebody else" wasn't. Lol!

Here I am busy with cones. These are for the flower petals for guests to throw.  No confetti or rice. Flower petals are organic and much easier at "disappearing" on their own. The venue allowed these.  We have a special rack to hold them.  I'll post the rack photo tomorrow. 

We are making progress on all these last minute projects so we aren't panicking yet. Hopefully we won't feel that away at all.   More tomorrow. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

4!! To Go!

Well, with 4 days to go, the momentum is starting to pick up.

There is a scheduled informal walk through at the wedding venue tonight so that should be fun. 

We still have a full schedule though!  It seems that no matter how much gets done there always seems to be more. Lol!

Irv and I did take 30 mins last night to go have an ice cream on our famous Port Dover Pier. About 8pm and the town was busy. The lake effect kept the telperature down a bit but I eventually got cold!!  LOL. Warmest day of the year and I needed a sweater to sit near the beach. 

I did get time this past weekend to create a video that I posted to my YouTube Channel. It shows what my bonus choices were for the past Sale-A-Bration campaign that ran from January 1 to March 31st.  I was able to use those bonus credits on new product from the new catalog. 

You can watch the video below!

I'm going to produce more videos in the coming months that will include tips, technique and other, hopefully, helpful ideas. Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be notified when I post a new video. 

So it's off to work today then wedding stuff! 

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Monday, June 12, 2017

Countdown Begins....5!!

The big Countdown has started. 5 Days To Go!!!

Starting the day the right way!  Lol!


Here is how I spent Sunday.  It was a great day working on cake wrapping and cone rolling. It feels really good every time another project is completed.  Although we still have a big list to get through!


Here's a handy tip for using satan wrap for jobs like this. Clear Saran Wrap on a counter top is hard to see to cut it into pieces. Use a piece of Stampin' Up! Grid paper between the counter top and the Saran Wrap.  Like in the photo below.  Yup!  That's Stampin' Up! In the kitchen folks!!!


Today its programs and seat name cards for the tables.  It's starting to feel like we are gonna finish on time!!  Or at least in the nick of!  Lol

Come back tomorrow!!  

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Final Stretch!

Hi!  It seems like the Port Dover beach now has "wildlife" on it. Lol. A very talented person created this "monster" on our very own beach on Saturday. 


We are into the final countdown to the wedding with lots left still to be done. I'm in Woodstock today with my mom and Diane to wrap Christmas Cake and make floral cones. The photo below shows the cones that will hold flower petals to be used instead of rice at the wedding. 

I'm showing three examples but she chose the big one but with a scalloped edge. Still not sure on quantity though. Starting with 100 at this point. 

I'll do a countdown on the blog this week just to let you share in the anxiety. I mean, the excitement!!

Stay cool today. Heat warnings all over. 

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Saturday, June 10, 2017

New Product Delivery and Birthday

Today is Laryssa's birthday. Exactly one week before she gets married.

I'm a little sad as I normally call her at 5am on her birthday as that's the time she was born at. But today when I called she didn't answer and her voice mail wasn't working so I missed my traditional birthday moment with her. 😪.  I'll put it down to the excitement and stress of being this close to the wedding day. 

Here is a "racy" shot of Laryssa from many years ago surrounded by brother David and brother John (JJ). She loved bikinis even back then. 

And here she is today. 

She blossomed into a beautiful, confident and loving young woman. Love her so much!!  Happy Birthday honey!!!

Yesterday I received my first shipment of new product from the new catalogue!

It's the new "Love Today Planner Kit" found on pages 12 and 13 of the new catalogue.  For $48 Canadian it comes complete with everything you need. Two ring binder, monthly sheets and tabs, sticker sheets and plastic photo protector pages. There is even a refill kit available. 

I started to mark my calendar by highlighting both Laryssa Birthday and Wedding day. I used "framing" stickers from the included sticker sheets to accent the days. I used markers to add more colour to this already beautiful and colourful planner.  I really like that the whole binder folds flat. Much easier to use than many that don't.  Lol.  I love it!!!  A real cardmakers planner. Both pretty AND functional!


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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun Paper Facts

Irv shared some trivia he heard on the CBC while driving. I thought it was interesting that most of you who read this are either card makers or scrapbookers and use paper all the time.

It appears the big money though is in paper towels and toilet paper. Here are a few facts. 

Paper towel

  • Paper towels were first made by Arthur Scott in 1907. He perforated the toilet papers in small towel-size sheets and sold them. These towel-sized sheets became the first ever disposable paper towels.
  • After the success of the paper towels, Scott introduced paper kitchen towels in 1931. These were 13 inch wide and 18 inches long.
  • The first paper towels were intended for school classrooms to stop the spread of the common cold.

  • Toilet Paper

  • The average North American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper daily!  
  • The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year (over 20,000 sheets).
  • The daily production of toilet paper is about 83,048,116 rolls per day.
  • Toilet paper is often used for making dresses.

  • That reminded me of one of our cruises where we had a day trip to Aztec ruins in Mexico. The toilets were free but you had to buy toilet paper from a little desk out front from a young girl!  I'm not sure it was legal but it sure was a necessity. 

    My card creation today was inspired by the "old" Stampin' Up! Annual Catalog.  That catalog still has life in it yet. In fact if you kept your old catalogues you can go back through them and get some new ideas. You can use product from the new catalogue to recreate these ideas with your creative changes.  Below is my new card for congratulating my Team on great efforts. 

    I have two going out today for Team members who recruited new demonstrators this week.  Congrats ladies!  

    Thanks for visiting today! 
    Denise Donald
    Craft D Cave

    Thursday, June 8, 2017

    Lost And Found!

    LOST!  Funny but somebody removed the great benches from our Port Dover Pier less than a month after re installing them. Turns out the Ministry that owns the pier decided there was something not right about where the benches had been placed for many many years. We are expecting to see them back soon. But what a waste of our money by the government! (Again)

    Yesterday afternoon around 5.45pm we got a chance to stop at the pier for a minute.  Couldn't sit and enjoy. No benches. 

    Lots of sailboats out but not much wind. 


    FOUND!  Great News!!!  I was going through the catalog this morning and just discovered the new Mini Dimensionals from Stampin' Up!

    I have been waiting for these for years!  I saw no announcements and they didn't catch my eye before. Here's the details. 

    Mini Stampin' Dimensionals144108

    Make sticking even easier while adding extra depth and dimension.

    * Double-sided adhesive foam dots.
    * Instant bond. Acid free .
    * 720 pieces, 1/4" (6.4 mm) diameter.


    Notice the size difference!!  No more cutting the big ones in half!  Lol!  I'm ordering them right away!  It doesn't take much to get me excited!

    Wednesday, June 7, 2017

    Cute Creations

    Today I used the new Wooden Crate Thinlets Dies set from Stampin' Up!  Part Number 143730

    I made this little treat holder and it looks great!  Now how long we can keep the treats in it is dependant on how soon Irv finds it!!  

    You can see the thinlets set just below the wooden crate. Lots of options for the creative mind. 


    Laryssa is having flower petals for her guests to throw at the wedding. We needed a simple container but it also has to be pretty. 

    Below are the three paper cones I made for her to choose from. Large (top), medium (middle) and small (bottom). They can be decorated anyway we like.  Please comment on the size or decoration you think is best. Thanks. 

     Papercrafting things for your own daughters wedding actually takes on a whole new emotional level. It will be a nice day to see all of these projects being enjoyed. 

    Enjoy your day!!

    Thanks for visiting today! 
    Denise Donald
    Craft D Cave

    Tuesday, June 6, 2017

    Finally finished the hangers!!

    Well we got into a rhythm but it took a longer time than we thought it would. Some parts were tricky. Lol

    Here is the final design.   It took me all day and night to do them but they turned out pretty good. 



    Yes. 12.  There are 9 bridesmaids and 2 maids of honour plus I made one for Laryssa. 

    Now it's onto programs, seat reservation cards, wedding treats and so on. Lol!

    I console myself with the fact that it does end on the 17th then I can get back to normal!

    Stampin' Up! Introduced the new Annual Catalogue on June 1 and also introduced new card kits called Memories and More. They allow quick scrapbooking pages to be created and the kits match other Stampin' Up! Products. 

    You can watch a really good video on this by clicking below. 

    I really think these kits and projects are perfect for those family events where you can capture the entire event in one beautiful theme. Stand alone books or as part of a larger scrapbook!  Great idea!  I'm going to get one of these kits for the wedding and blog the results. Starting in July, I will be holding a monthly Memories and More night.  Watch for more details coming soon. 

    Thanks for visiting today! 
    Denise Donald
    Craft D Cave