Thursday, June 15, 2017


Whew!! Starting to feel the crunch. It's not just the wedding projects now but time for me personally to get ready.

Pedicure, manicure and hair all have to be done before Saturday. I'm getting my hair cut before Saturday to be ready for the stylist on Saturday morning. Got my pedicure last night. Manicure today after work. 

Yes, that's my right foot looking glamorous. I got my pedicure at a location in Waterford that I hadn't gone to before. I already booked my next visit I was so impressed!

Now I'm doing the wedding cake that will be used for the official cake cutting.  On my 16th birthday, Diane, my best friend who became my sister-in-law, her parents gave me an introductory baking course and pictured below is the Wilton 1984 Cake Decorating yearbook that has been my baking bible ever since. I use it faithfully and pulled it out again for this super important wedding cake!!  The date is in the upper right corner.  It's a little beat up at this point but it has served me well!

The cake is three layers and the final stages will be done tomorrow at the reception venue.  Sorry to tease but I can't show it yet. Next week I will. 


 I took Friday and Saturday off work as vacation days so the big final push starts again after my manicure tonight at 5pm. Off work tomorrow so tonight is a big night for getting the last items done. Wish me luck!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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  1. This post brings back some memories - That is the type of stand I wanted for my wedding cake - and we could not find one! The woman making my cake could not get in her head what I wanted - don't even remember what we ended up doing - but just had to laugh when I saw that stand! Bloggie Love