Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3!! ... Time Slipping Away

And so... we are down to 3 days left. Last night we had the rehearsal. It was a great chance to see the venue and understand the layout and procedures. Of course there are always last minute details and lots and lots of discussion and more changes but we all agreed that it's Laryssa's wedding so she gets the final say.

Here is a great photo of that decision making in action!  Lol. We cropped the image so as not to give away what the venue looks like until the wedding day and formal photos. So it's a little grainy but you can see the discussion going on and Laryssa smiling at her dad!!

It's actually Irv telling Laryssa she wasn't following the steps properly but Laryssa knew she was "in step" but "somebody else" wasn't. Lol!

Here I am busy with cones. These are for the flower petals for guests to throw.  No confetti or rice. Flower petals are organic and much easier at "disappearing" on their own. The venue allowed these.  We have a special rack to hold them.  I'll post the rack photo tomorrow. 

We are making progress on all these last minute projects so we aren't panicking yet. Hopefully we won't feel that away at all.   More tomorrow. 

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  1. Cute photo of the couple! More memories, as we kept our venue a secret, too. Tough one for us because people HAD to be on time or miss the ceremony, as the train left right on time. I think we had three people walking up as the train departed - leaving them in the dust. LOL! Bloggie Love