Thursday, June 29, 2017

All Set For Canada Day Weekend?

Today is an anniversary of sorts. A year ago today we moved to Port Dover. It was not smooth as our old home closed on the Thursday but too late in the day for our new one to close. So we had to move into a hotel for the weekend.  Wouldn’t seem too bad except we had two 10x20 containers, 1x3 ton truck and 1x1 ton truck full of possessions. We were scrambling for storage as both trucks had to be returned on Saturday. Friday was the holiday. And it was very hot and we had our pet Gemma who was very confused with everything.  Here she is in Irv’s armchair in the driveway of the old house.

We found storage units in Paris and Simcoe thanks to my brother Terry for arranging all that. We spent Friday removing everything from the big truck into a storage unit in Simcoe and the smaller truck got unloaded into storage in Paris. 

We saw nothing of the Port Dover Canada Day festivities. We then spent the Saturday and Sunday working at our jobs and coming back to a very crammed hotel room. 

It was an exhausting process. We got the new house on the Monday afternoon and started moving everything from storage into the house. A double move. A year later and we are still moving things around!  Garage is still full. LOL. 

This is s photo of Denise and two exhausted boys who know that, now we have the key, the moving IN process is about to begin. They were totally exhausted at this point from a week of moving out and into storage. The boys were/are our heroes!!

In fact ALL of our family pitched in with a huge effort during that period. Thanks again to everyone. 

Hopefully the next month will let us catch up but in the meantime.... We are going to enjoy Canada Day in Port Dover for the first time! We ARE all set!!  🇨🇦🎆🎇🎉🎂👍

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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