Friday, June 16, 2017

And 1!! ....

Final day before the wedding. Tonight is the rehearsal dinner although the rehearsal was Tuesday night. 

Got my manicure yesterday. Ok job but service wasn't nearly as good as where I got my pedicure.  This morning is hair cut time. New hairdresser for that too!!  A week of firsts for new places. 

Last night we stayed up late. Irv got the seat cards all laid out and printed. He finished the program too. These were last minute items to accommodate any changes. I got signs made and cakes are now baked and awaiting more icing.  Still lots to do with fewer hours left. The kitchen will have to wait for cleanup though.  Lol!


Irv made a typo last night that had us both laughing. He was proof reading the program that he had just emailed to Laryssa. He caught the only error in the whole thing. The recessional by "bridge" and groom. Oops. Sorry Laryssa. Fixed now. 

Yesterday was also a great Stampin' Up! Day!  Paper Pumpkin arrived!!

I only had time for a quick peek.  It looks great!!  Definitely a sweet summer theme!


 It will have to wait for me though. 

Saturday is the big day. Next week is paper pumpkin play time!!!  

Wish me luck getting to Sunday!!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave


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