Monday, June 12, 2017

Countdown Begins....5!!

The big Countdown has started. 5 Days To Go!!!

Starting the day the right way!  Lol!


Here is how I spent Sunday.  It was a great day working on cake wrapping and cone rolling. It feels really good every time another project is completed.  Although we still have a big list to get through!


Here's a handy tip for using satan wrap for jobs like this. Clear Saran Wrap on a counter top is hard to see to cut it into pieces. Use a piece of Stampin' Up! Grid paper between the counter top and the Saran Wrap.  Like in the photo below.  Yup!  That's Stampin' Up! In the kitchen folks!!!


Today its programs and seat name cards for the tables.  It's starting to feel like we are gonna finish on time!!  Or at least in the nick of!  Lol

Come back tomorrow!!  

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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