Friday, June 9, 2017

Fun Paper Facts

Irv shared some trivia he heard on the CBC while driving. I thought it was interesting that most of you who read this are either card makers or scrapbookers and use paper all the time.

It appears the big money though is in paper towels and toilet paper. Here are a few facts. 

Paper towel

  • Paper towels were first made by Arthur Scott in 1907. He perforated the toilet papers in small towel-size sheets and sold them. These towel-sized sheets became the first ever disposable paper towels.
  • After the success of the paper towels, Scott introduced paper kitchen towels in 1931. These were 13 inch wide and 18 inches long.
  • The first paper towels were intended for school classrooms to stop the spread of the common cold.

  • Toilet Paper

  • The average North American uses 57 sheets of toilet paper daily!  
  • The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year (over 20,000 sheets).
  • The daily production of toilet paper is about 83,048,116 rolls per day.
  • Toilet paper is often used for making dresses.

  • That reminded me of one of our cruises where we had a day trip to Aztec ruins in Mexico. The toilets were free but you had to buy toilet paper from a little desk out front from a young girl!  I'm not sure it was legal but it sure was a necessity. 

    My card creation today was inspired by the "old" Stampin' Up! Annual Catalog.  That catalog still has life in it yet. In fact if you kept your old catalogues you can go back through them and get some new ideas. You can use product from the new catalogue to recreate these ideas with your creative changes.  Below is my new card for congratulating my Team on great efforts. 

    I have two going out today for Team members who recruited new demonstrators this week.  Congrats ladies!  

    Thanks for visiting today! 
    Denise Donald
    Craft D Cave

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