Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Team Meeting and Crop Weekend

Hey everyone!!  Back to work today. My monthly team meeting is this Friday and then we have a two day Crop here in Port Dover.  So it's a Stampin' Up! Weekend ahead!

I also hope to get into my Paper Pumpkin kit from las week. Super looking summer theme of melons in summer colours!

Our town is still undergoing lots of construction and this is hopefully the last year the main road will be torn up. They have been doing a section of the main road for three separate summers and I think patience has just about run out with the townsfolk. Several accidents in town caused by side roads all being congested.  For those coming to the Crop you have to detour a little bit to get to the hall if coming through downtown. 

However the beach area is starting to really take shape again. Our benches are all back on the pier so you can sit again to watch the harbour or sunset. This shot was in the morning. 

The shot below was 8pm. The storm actually missed Port Dover. 


A great place to have that after dinner Timmy's!  Or just to sit and talk. 

Here's a great shot somebody posted to Facebook over the weekend during the storms here. It's a double lightning strike. 


We have a number of amateur photographers who post regularly to a Port Dover specific group on Facebook. The shot above is towards the fishing docks from the pier just a 90 degree turn from the bench photos above.  We are pretty lucky to have this talent pool post photos like these. The little bird in the bottom right of the photo is the watermark of photographer Robert Irvine.  That last name isn't very common and Irv likes to watch for Roberts posts. 

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave