Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Christmas in July!

It really is!!  Got my pre order of the new “Carols of Christmas” bundle yesterday.  It’s a stamp set and Thinlets that combine to give many many options on card design.

Every Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator was allowed to buy one bundle in July to prepare for our Customer PreOrder that starts on August 1. 

Last night I took a few minutes (had lots of boxes yesterday to sort into orders for delivery) and die cut the Thinlets to show you what just the Thinlets give you.  Here you see all the pieces. 

Here’s a tip for you if you own Thinlets. As soon as you get the Thinlets, open the package, remove the sheet of Thinlets, take the Thinlets off the sticky paper and adhere the sticky paper to something important to you or to a really nice card. Somewhere really inconvenient. Why?  Because that’s always what happens to me with those incredibly sticky sheets!!    The tip...go to the dollar store, yes I said go to the dollar store. Buy the thin magnetic sheets and cut those to fit the Thinlets plastic envelope. Put your Thinlets back onto that sheet. Now there’s nothing sticky left to screw up your work area. LOL. It looks like this. Works like a charm!  But don’t buy any other crafting supplies at the dollar store!! 

With this Thinlets set you can die cut the stamp shapes. I really like that you can save the punched out pieces to use as extra Die cuts. Below is the marketing ad put out by Stampin’ Up!  

There are 5 sample cards that they show. When you order from me I give you the 5 sample card tutorials for FREE!  I’ll post all 5 sample cards here tomorrow. 

So last night was busy in our house with inventory, order preparation and some creativity.  Not a lot of relaxing time I’m afraid. 

JJ and I have started to do nightly walks again before bedtime. I already have a blister. Lol. Oh well. It gives me and him a chance to talk and we normally walk to the beach and back. Irv can’t do the walk due to his bad ankles and feet but is still awake when we get home. He always has Stampin’ Up! Stuff to do. And Gemma (our dog) hasn’t got the endurance anymore. Last time she walked to the beach and back she had bad hip problems that took about a week to clear up. Hoping that doesn’t happen to me. Lol!

Well I hope the day treats you all well no matter where you are!!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave


  1. Very nice set of dies, I see it being used for times others than Christmas as well. BL

  2. There is a lot that can be done with this bundle for sure. Plus there will be other additional product that coordinates with it. We have to wait for the new Holiday catalogue to see what those are!