Saturday, July 22, 2017

Friday Update

Friday schedule was the same as Thursday. David, Laryssa, Terry Diane the myself and JJ.

The news today is that the MedicalTeam is loading Irv up on a new oral drug that hopefully would provide them the ability to get rid of his current IV drug that gives extra punch to the left ventricle when it pumps. It started today but will take until Monday to load him up. 

Here is Laryssa at bottom who looks like she is moving in.  Lol!! She was also providing fresh fruit to her dad. Big diet changes for Irv are a reduction in Liquid and Salt. Serious changes we believe as nothing was said officially to us. 

His spirits are still high as most of you know he uses a lot of humour in life. 

We hope this means he can be back home by mid to end of next week. 

I am still open for business. You can pick up the Bonus Day special below just by going on-line or thinking about Carols of Christmas?  I’ll take a preorder for sure. 

More tomorrow folks!!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
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