Friday, July 14, 2017

Gift Card Presenting

Hi everybody. Welcome to mid-July!!  Hope you’re going to have a fun weekend with friends and family. Tonight is my monthly Team Meeting night. I hold these meetings at my house and I have team members attend in person and via an online service called Zoom.  It allows my team to participate from their homes and they share our presentations and are able to join in via web cameras, microphones and speakers. Great technology!  But it has to work right and Irv is spending time today refining the process with a new laptop.

Today I created a gift card holder which is for our team meeting swap.  I wanted this concept to be centered on sweet treats. 

Here it is. Top photo shows the closed card holder. When you open it up you see the gift card slide up to show the sentiment. That’s the middle and bottom photos. 

This design can be modified to fit any occasion and is super easy to put together. It makes giving a gift card more personal than the standard commercial envelope you sometimes get with these cards. 

Irv and I are going to try to get deliveries done this weekend.  We enjoy our drives together and it’s very satisfying to me to be able to hand orders over to customers in person rather than shipping to their door.  I might not see some of them otherwise! Lol. I spend a few minutes with each customer just to talk about how things are going. Social chit chat. Irv waits in the car. But he isn’t idle. 

Irv is an official Google Maps Guide and uses the time waiting to update local information into GooglecMaps. Google asks him questions about local points of interest and he answers those. In particular he tries to correct the wrong positioning of businesses to be more accurate. More than once he tried to find a place only to discover it’s not where the map shows. It was that frustration that made him join this volunteer Guide organization. Lol!  He also uploads photos of locations for people to enjoy. It’s a neat way for him to keep out of trouble!!  

I hope your days are good!! Remember to enjoy life!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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