Sunday, July 23, 2017

He loves a puzzle!!

We all arrived for his Saturday visit to see Irv looking a bit more relaxed. Nice.

We let him tell his stories of the day as he likes to do so it was a great chat.

Here we have, left to right, My mom, Leone Blumenstock, me, Neice Laura, and Terry and Diana, with Irv talking with his hands as usual.  Laryssa took the iPhoto. 

Regularly the nurses ask us to excuse ourselves while they do something with Irv.  We came back this time to see Irv attempting to de-core strawberries with his oxygen mask.  We didn’t have a knife but that wasn’t stopping him. 

Irv has to now start reducing more salt and liquids from his diet but strawberries allowed!!

His appetite is slowly coming back thankfully. 

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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