Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Midweek and almost mid July

Well where has July gone so far!  Wasn’t July 1st just a few days ago?  How did we get to the 12th already??

Today in Port Dover it’s overcast and rainy. Chance of thunderstorms. Yuck!

Last night I had to tell JJ I couldn’t go for our new nightly walk due to blisters on my feet. Those are painful and have to heal before I can go back to that routine. A pleasant one at that. The walking that is. 

So many things happening with Stampin’ Up! that Irv and I continue to work at. Bonus Days (sales promo) in July, Christmas in July (recruiting promo) and Carols of Christmas (new bundle promo that’s available August 1).   We are starting to do more social media marketing than ever before so there’s a lot of work prepping to do that. But we still had time last night for the Toonie Tuesday ice cream at the Tugboat Candy company right at the pier.  They have a loyalty card program so Irv got his ice cream for free. JJ asked us to bring one home for him. That’s the last time we do that!  Lol. Timed it so we got his ice cream and jumped in the car to drive home. We live two minutes from downtown. No traffic lights on the way. Well do you know how fast ice cream starts to melt??  It was dripping all over me, the car, my hands, everywhere and we were not even a quarter of the way home!!  Irv said hold it out the car window. Sounds smart but the wind was hotter than the car and it was like putting a blow torch to the ice cream!  No photos as Irv was driving and I was trying desperately to hang onto this creamy mess. Lol. I called JJ and told him to meet us in the driveway. He did and got to licking it right away.  Amazing what can happen in two minutes. 

There is still time for everyone to enjoy Bonus Days. 

Storm warnings issued for this area now. Take care everybody and stay dry!!

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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