Monday, July 17, 2017

Off to Hamilton General

Off to Hamilton Geral today to be with Irv. They are sending him this morning so get an angioplasty to review damage from his latest heart attack. 

I had to cancel my CraftD Stampers club but I’m sure they understand. 

Irv’s spirits are good and he slept well last night. My mom, brother terry and sister in law Diane visited last night with me. Irv wanted to play cards so I went and bought a deck and we had several hands of euchre. He was really glad we did that. A sense of normality. 

Today he got his angioplasty then had a big tube inserted into his shiymder tgar Ruben’s into 3 chambers of is heart. It has an electric wire in it which creates wave form images show what’s happening. More like a plumbing job. Lol. 

Team meeting on Friday had some great cards for the swap.

Gif card holders. 

Top left Sue Mustard
Top right Denise Donald
Middle Melissa Omoniyi Bellefontaine
Bottom left Karen Rutledge bottom right Irma and Andrea Radzick 

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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  1. Oh my heck. I had no idea. Thinking of you guys. Please keep us posted. Much love to you all.