Friday, August 18, 2017

One More Day

Irv is finally home again.

Irv will have a big team helping him once he gets home. Hamilton Heart Efficiency Clinic, Nursing Home care, physio and occupational therapists, personal Support Workers, three local drs and me of course. 

His meds are now constantly being reviewed and adjusted so it’s important his vital signs are monitored daily even when Home. 

Just before he left the hospital they changed his diet and he said  the hospital food went from being “ok” to Very bland.  Although Irv did say that Norfolk General has better food generally than Hamilton General. 

Although the above lunch of salt free and low fat Mac n cheese didn’t impress him. Lol

Biggest issue for Irv is the continued fluid restriction. Total fluid intake per 24 hr period is 1.5 litres. Sounds like a lot but when you add all liquids together it doesn’t leave a lot of  room for even a can of soda.  (355 ml).   So he is constantly dry and thirsty.  That lunch above has a 125ml carton of milk  (half a cup) and broth in the cup was another 125ml. 

He has droppped in weight over the last 6 weeks by 10lbs.  Mostly liquids being drained out but some because he isn’t eating much. 

Now that he's home, I am sure he will enjoy some home cooking. Lol

Anyway that’s all my news for today. We don’t do much else these days.   Thanks to everyone for their prayers and kind thoughts. They are much appreciated. 

Have a good day everybody!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Cardmaking Anywhere!!

As some of you know Irv was admitted to hospital again on Friday for low blood pressure. They have got the level back up and he should be home tomorrow.

This will be the way things are for him for the foreseeable future. But he got new local doctors to sign him up as a patient rather than travelling to Hamilton. The cardiologist was especially important. 

Here’s a photo of me with this months Paper Pumpkin at Irv’s bedside. 

Paper Pumpkin has a special sale on now of 50% off until September 10.  

Another great deal!!  The July kit was 8 cards of two main themes. Beautiful kit comes with a stamp set you can still use for years to come. I always find alternate designs too. Using scraps from the kit and other cards I make gives me the chance to use as much product as possible with little waste. 

I love the fact that my August kit is on its way already as I have a regular subscription. 

I’m trying to get back to daily blogging now ( again) but I have had distractions. Sorry. 

Hope you all enjoy a beautiful day!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back to Blogging

Sorry for the delay in getting back to blogging. It’s been a hard week since Irv got home.  His heart is not what it once was and he tires very easily. It has hit him hard. We have seen some improvement over the week but it’s slow progress. We did get out for a drive on Saturday night and had dinner in Port Rowan.  He was able to walk to the outside patio with my help and we enjoyed dinner there. His new restricted liquids and low sodium diet still allows him some selections of a menu.

Here is our patio view.  It’s was a quiet but beautiful evening. 

We drove back through Port Dover before heading home.   

Sunday night we also drove around Port Dover and just soaked up the sights while sitting on the pier.  Lovely. 

Monday was spent binge watching a great Netflix crime drama series while I got a huge backlog of laundry caught up. 

This week Irv will see numerous nurses who do home visits and get lab work done. He will also meet a new doctor setting up practice just around the corner from our house. Hopefully this doctor will take Irv as a patient. 

Irv’s days of working at a job he loves, brand ambassador doing sampling, will be ending as he can no longer stand for long periods as required.  He will miss that job very much.  Instead he can still work a laptop. So he will get back into helping me with Stampin’ Up!  And there is lots to do with that!!

So here’s to a short work week!!  May our weather be great!!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Normal Routine?

Lol. Not quite yet!  Irv’s learning that all the little chores are more tiring to perform. But he is moving a bit.

He has ventured around the house a bit but he isn’t pushing it.  New diet and fluid intake restrictions are definitely something he is adapting to. 

He got a number of really nice get well soon cards. Here are just two. The sentiments inside were very nice.   This first one is from Irma and Andrea. 

This second card is from Lynn and Bev. 

We are starting to get reorganized at this point since he is home. 

Tonight we hope to go to the beach and pier for a coffee. Irv will be in his wheelchair though. Way too much walking for him. 

Hope you have a great night!

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Irv’s Home

Finally!!!  Yesterday was a big day for our family as we got Irv back home. 

He was informed on Monday morning that he would be released in the afternoon or evening once all the pieces fell into place. I went immediately after work and got him around 7pm.  There were four pieces that had to be done. Prescription and pharmacy, Home Cate Nursing, Rapid Response Nursing and finally, follow up plans with cardiology and family doctors. A lot of planning. 

He enjoyed his drive home for sure and was happy to see his own bed.  He has had trouble sleeping at night due to shortness of breath and, of course, didn’t have the fancy folding hospital bed or oxygen. So he made do with stacks of pillows. He said he slept better than expected so that’s a plus for sure. 

This is him checking out his new pill collection and new insulin pen. 

We are glad he is home but now we need a new daily routine and that’s going to include several third parties help him keep his health. 

We will start turning our attention back to Stampin’ Up! as his strength grows.  

In the meantime, the new Holiday Catalgue is set for release on Sept 1.  Watch this blog for more info on all the gorgeous new Product!!

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Denise Donald
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All Day Crop Weekend.

It’s Sunday and right in the middle of All Day Crop.

Irv still in hospital and quite sorry not be out of of hospital to help. He really enjoys doing them. Yesterday my daughter Laryssa and my super mom, Leone, worked together to get the Saturday Crop going until my work finished. Super heartfelt thanks to both of them!!

Today my mom is helping again!  I think she enjoys all this too!!!  

My two boys David and JJ are my workhorses getting things to and from the hall and setting up.  Irv’s wondering if everything is going better without him there.  Everyone yesterday was missing him but he vows to make our next Crop in August. 

As today is Sunday, Irv is anxiously awaiting tomorrow for an update on going home. He still feels tired easily and each activity takes time to recover. But he promises to get back in the saddle soon.  The photo below is Saturday where we had a full house so my idea of Saturday and Sunday is showing it is helpful to have back to back Crops. I see so many friends now coming to the Crops and Saturday works for some and Sunday for others. Perfect!

Still probably need to investigate bigger halls but Port Dover is an attraction and there aren’t many rental hall opportunities. I’ll keep everyone up to date. 

Someone took this photo of the beach today. Nice crowd!

Hope you all had a good weekend no matter what you did!!  

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Denise Donald
Craft D Cave