Tuesday, August 1, 2017

All Day Crop Weekend.

It’s Sunday and right in the middle of All Day Crop.

Irv still in hospital and quite sorry not be out of of hospital to help. He really enjoys doing them. Yesterday my daughter Laryssa and my super mom, Leone, worked together to get the Saturday Crop going until my work finished. Super heartfelt thanks to both of them!!

Today my mom is helping again!  I think she enjoys all this too!!!  

My two boys David and JJ are my workhorses getting things to and from the hall and setting up.  Irv’s wondering if everything is going better without him there.  Everyone yesterday was missing him but he vows to make our next Crop in August. 

As today is Sunday, Irv is anxiously awaiting tomorrow for an update on going home. He still feels tired easily and each activity takes time to recover. But he promises to get back in the saddle soon.  The photo below is Saturday where we had a full house so my idea of Saturday and Sunday is showing it is helpful to have back to back Crops. I see so many friends now coming to the Crops and Saturday works for some and Sunday for others. Perfect!

Still probably need to investigate bigger halls but Port Dover is an attraction and there aren’t many rental hall opportunities. I’ll keep everyone up to date. 

Someone took this photo of the beach today. Nice crowd!

Hope you all had a good weekend no matter what you did!!  

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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