Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to blogging. It’s been a hard week since Irv got home.  His heart is not what it once was and he tires very easily. It has hit him hard. We have seen some improvement over the week but it’s slow progress. We did get out for a drive on Saturday night and had dinner in Port Rowan.  He was able to walk to the outside patio with my help and we enjoyed dinner there. His new restricted liquids and low sodium diet still allows him some selections of a menu.

Here is our patio view.  It’s was a quiet but beautiful evening. 

We drove back through Port Dover before heading home.   

Sunday night we also drove around Port Dover and just soaked up the sights while sitting on the pier.  Lovely. 

Monday was spent binge watching a great Netflix crime drama series while I got a huge backlog of laundry caught up. 

This week Irv will see numerous nurses who do home visits and get lab work done. He will also meet a new doctor setting up practice just around the corner from our house. Hopefully this doctor will take Irv as a patient. 

Irv’s days of working at a job he loves, brand ambassador doing sampling, will be ending as he can no longer stand for long periods as required.  He will miss that job very much.  Instead he can still work a laptop. So he will get back into helping me with Stampin’ Up!  And there is lots to do with that!!

So here’s to a short work week!!  May our weather be great!!

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Denise Donald
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