Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Irv’s Home

Finally!!!  Yesterday was a big day for our family as we got Irv back home. 

He was informed on Monday morning that he would be released in the afternoon or evening once all the pieces fell into place. I went immediately after work and got him around 7pm.  There were four pieces that had to be done. Prescription and pharmacy, Home Cate Nursing, Rapid Response Nursing and finally, follow up plans with cardiology and family doctors. A lot of planning. 

He enjoyed his drive home for sure and was happy to see his own bed.  He has had trouble sleeping at night due to shortness of breath and, of course, didn’t have the fancy folding hospital bed or oxygen. So he made do with stacks of pillows. He said he slept better than expected so that’s a plus for sure. 

This is him checking out his new pill collection and new insulin pen. 

We are glad he is home but now we need a new daily routine and that’s going to include several third parties help him keep his health. 

We will start turning our attention back to Stampin’ Up! as his strength grows.  

In the meantime, the new Holiday Catalgue is set for release on Sept 1.  Watch this blog for more info on all the gorgeous new Product!!

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Denise Donald
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