Thursday, October 26, 2017

A little update.

Hi Everybody!!
Oct 26, 2017
Thank you all for sending the "thinking of you" cards.
They are all so nice.  
I have a customer newsletter ready to publish!  YEA!!  Irv and I are going to try and at least get out a weekly newsletter and some blog posts to keep you updated.
Irv's stroke has been a real learning curve for him. Not only his speech but math and typing skills have been very difficult for him.
It has been two months since his stroke and his vocabulary is coming back but he is frustrated several times an hour. But overall he getting better but writing and math is coming back very slowly.
An example of Irv's math:  
Dr - "How old are you?"
Irv - "33"
Dr - (laughing)
Irv - (looking very puzzled as to why the dr is laughing)
Denise - "He is 63.  The stroke affected his math.  In his head he said 63 but 33 came out."
Dr  to Irv - " Oh I thought you were making a joke.  You said it with such conviction"  
All of us - Laughing.
He is going is going to practice and get his practice as much as he can. Thank you all for your patience as he gets through all this.

Thanks for visiting today! 
Denise Donald
Craft D Cave

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